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  1. Liabilities
  2. Financial summaries are compiled
  3. Statement
  4. Subsidiary
  5. The best way to begin a budget is to look at the expenses from the
  1. a previous year
  2. b monthly and annually
  3. c A request for payment.
  4. d Supporting other documents or records.
  5. e Things that are owed; debts.

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  1. the general journal, the cash payment journal, and the accounts receivable ledger.
  2. Form W-4
  3. A summary of accounts paid out.
  4. IRS
  5. Auto expenses, dues and meetings, equipment, insurance, medical supplies, office expenses, printing, postage and, stationary, rent and maintenance, salaries, taxes and licenses, travel and entertainment, utilities, miscellaneous, personal withdrawals.

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  1. Balance sheetA request for payment.


  2. Kinds of Financial recordsThe state in which the total ending balances of patient ledgers equals the tatal of accounts receivable.


  3. Double-entry systemThe most complete accounting system. System in which transactions may be entered manually or by computer. Inexpensive but requires a trained, experienced bookkeeper or the regular services of an accountant.


  4. InvoiceA paper describing a purchase and the amount due.


  5. Accounting four-stagesrecording, classifing, summarizing, and interpreting financial statemends.


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