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  1. inaugurate
  2. heed
  3. impostor
  4. hierarchy
  5. incorrigible
  1. a impossible to correct, control, or discipline
  2. b pretender
  3. c notice; pay attention to
  4. d begin; induct into
  5. e a group of people in authority, ranked in order of power; a sequential listing

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  1. get in the way; hinder
  2. not yet fully developed
  3. an insincere person; one who pretends to have feelings he doesn't really possess
  4. unintentional
  5. the same throughout; consistent; uniform

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  1. incompatibleincapable of existing together in peace


  2. hardyan opinion expressed in defiance of generally accepted ideas


  3. indolentlazy


  4. heresynotice; pay attention to


  5. immutableto fill, as with a strong dye or a strong feeling


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