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  1. T or F When open gloving it is not possible to keep the outside of the glove completely sterile.
  2. This incision may start and stop anywhere from sternum to pelvic brim
  3. Tattoos are made of three parts. List and describe
  4. What type of gloving is recommended for some procedures, particularly orthopedic surgeries?
  5. After clipping and vacuuming the surgical site, which of the following could be the first used when preparing a patient for surgery?
  1. a F
  2. b double gloving
  3. c 1. Two letters: indicates clinic or org. that placed tatto 2. Single Letter: indicates year tattoo placed 3. Number: indicates chronological placement in logbook
  4. d ventral midline incision
  5. e betadine scrub

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  1. right ear
  2. T
  3. T
  4. T ( Although most important for a spay to increase the space in the abdomen, if any animal urinates during surgery it will soak the drapes and could cause strike through.)
  5. F

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  1. Marks: 1 When preparing a patient for surgery what is used after the antiseptic scrub to remove detergent residue and oils from the skin?isopropyl alcohol


  2. This incision cuts through each abdominal muscle layer rather than the linea albaparamedian incision


  3. When a sterile member of the surgical team is performing their scrub prior to surgery the contact time with the antiseptic must be how long (ie. how long should a surgical scrub take)?5 mins


  4. Which of the following best describes putting on a sterile surgical gown?
    a. If folded correctly it is possible to pick up and put on your sterile gown without touching it.
    b. An assistant should reach over your shoulder to grab the ties of the gown.
    c. You must always glove before touching your sterile gown.
    d. You should pick up your sterile gown from inside the sleeves only.


  5. T or F If a small puncture is noticed in a surgical glove during surgery, it is okay to leave it until surgery is completeT


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