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  1. T or F The surgery table needs to be positioned on the lowest setting to facilitate lifting the patient onto the table.
  2. Marks: 1 A tattoo is placed in the _______ of animals that have been surgically altered.
  3. T or F It is okay to see some undraped table between the patient and the mayo stand
  4. How many inches must the fold of each drape be placed from the edge of the proposed incision site
  5. this incision is oriented parallel to the last rib
  1. a F
  2. b right ear
  3. c T
  4. d 1-2 inches
  5. e paracostal incision

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  1. ventral midline incision
  2. b
  3. 3
  4. F
  5. 1. Two letters: indicates clinic or org. that placed tatto 2. Single Letter: indicates year tattoo placed 3. Number: indicates chronological placement in logbook

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  1. This insion can be performed on a standing or recumbant animalflank incision


  2. T or F Surgical records are part of the permanent record for the patient. This makes them a legal document.F


  3. What type of gloving is recommended for some procedures, particularly orthopedic surgeries?double gloving


  4. T or F A bactericial disinfectant is the idea solution to use for the final prep before surgery in order to kill bacteria on the skin.F


  5. When a sterile member of the surgical team is performing their scrub prior to surgery the contact time with the antiseptic must be how long (ie. how long should a surgical scrub take)?g, f, b, d, c, a, e


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