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  1. Exercise is restricted in small animals for up to ____ days to allow incisions to heal.
  2. When preparing a patient for surgery which of the following could be used for the final prep?
    Choose one answer. a. betadine scrub
    b. chlorhexidine solution
    c. chlorhexidine scrub
    d. isopropyl alcohol
  3. What type of gloving is recommended for some procedures, particularly orthopedic surgeries?
  4. T or F Open gloving cannot be down when wearing a sterile surgical gown.
  5. When clipping the patient for surgical prep if it is done improperly it can result in _______ , which can cause a lot of irritation to the patient
  1. a double gloving
  2. b F
  3. c clipper burn
  4. d 14
  5. e b

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  1. F
  2. F (The important thing is contact time with the antiseptic scrub - it is important to ensure the antiseptic has enough time to kill bacteria on the skin surface (generally about 5 minutes of contact time is needed)- you do not need to scrub vigorously. Over zealous scrubbing can damage the skin and may actually expose microbes from deeper tissues layers to surface.)
  3. paracostal incision
  4. ventral midline incision
  5. T

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  1. T or F Surgical records are part of the permanent record for the patient. This makes them a legal document.T


  2. Marks: 1 A tattoo is placed in the _______ of animals that have been surgically altered.F


  3. This incision cuts through each abdominal muscle layer rather than the linea albaparacostal incision


  4. When prepping a patient for surgery how many times should the scrub be repeated?b


  5. How many inches must the fold of each drape be placed from the edge of the proposed incision siteventral midline incision


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