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Canada and the US share the longest ___ border in the world


What is the only great lake entirely in the US?

Lake Michigan

What caused the US and Canada to tighten security dramatically

the terrorist attacks on 9-11

___ people cross the US border each year and ___ cross it daily

two hundred million; 300,000 daily

the ___ and ___ are great trading partners

US and Canada

The US is bounded by the ___ the Mexican border at California, Arizona, and southwestern New Mexico

Rio Grande

Rio Grande is Spanish for ___

big river

the Rio Grande is the Mexican border at ___, ___, and ___

California, Arizona, and Southwestern New Mexico

In 2006 an estimated ___ to ___ undocumented immigrants resided in the US. Of those, __ to ___ percent were from ___

9-11 million; 60-70%; Mexico

the sandy plains along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are called the

Coastal Plains

the word Piedmont means


the Piedmont mountains are

the foothills of the Appalachian mountains

fall line

area along which rivers form waterfalls or rapids as the rivers drop to lower land

Appalachian Mountains

extend from eastern Canada southward into northern Alabama

___ forms the Eastern Continental divide

the Appalachians

the Appalachians form the ___

Eastern Continental Divide

Central Plains

stretch about a thousand miles west of the Appalachians

Great Plains

a plain that lies west of the Central Plains

the Great Plains were once known as the

"Great American Desert"

Rocky Mountains

the mountains that mark the western boundary of the Great Plains

the tallest mountain in the Rocky mountains

Mount Elbert, 144,433 feet in elevation

the Rockies were a

formidable obstacle to westward settlement until the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869

the rivers have cut deep canons through

the Colorado plateau

the Pacific Mountain Range includes the

Sierra Nevada, Cascade Mountains and the Coastal Ranges

Mount St. Helens

is in the Pacific mountains in Washington's Cascades , is an active volcano

prevailing wind patterns in North America are generally from ___ to ___ across the central section of the continent

west to east

rainshadow effect

the area of the Great Plains immediately east of the Rockies typically receive only ten to twenty inches of precipitation a year

Between ___ and ___, the southern ___ and ___ coasts are susceptible to ___

June and November, Atlantic and Gulf; hurricanes

three core values that traditionally bound Americans as a united people

freedom, equality, and individualism

the First Amendment

secured religious liberty for all

America's naitional motto

E pluribus unum - from many, one

Puritans in ___ had a mission to be a

New England; "country upon a hill"; a model for the world

in the ___, Americans celebrated ___, their belief that ___ was ___

1840s, Manifest Destiny, westward expansion, divinely ordained


the study of characteristics of people in a particular place or segment of that population

___ of the American population lives in ___

79%; urban areas

urban areas

places with a population of 50,000 or more


areas between cities and rural settings



Sun Belt

the southern third of the nation from the Carolinas to California; has the greatest growth in the US

The United States Government functions as a

federal republic

the United States economy is a system of

free enterprise capitalism

free enterprise capitalism

individuals own most of the factors of production and make most
of the economic decisions

Jackie Robinson

the first African American to play in the World series

What is the State with the greatest income from Agriculture


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