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  1. aguardar
  2. vigilar
  3. apreciar
  4. sospechar
  5. abstenerse
  1. a
    to expect, to wait for
  2. b
    to appreciate
  3. c
    to abstain, to fast, to refrain from
  4. d
    to watch over, to keep guard, to look out for
  5. e
    to suspect

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  1. to wash

  2. to brush

  3. to return, do again, go back

  4. to execute (carry out)

  5. to soak in (imbibe)

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  1. poner
    to put, to place


  2. enseƱar
    to teach, to show, to point out


  3. alzar
    to heave, to lift, to pick up


  4. contribuir
    to contribute


  5. enviar
    to walk, to go


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