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  1. discutir
  2. denunciar
  3. suspirar
  4. temblar
  5. manejar
  1. a
    to discuss, to argue
  2. b
    to tremble, to shiver
  3. c
    to operate equipment, to drive
  4. d
    to denounce, to report to police
  5. e
    to sigh

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  1. to cross, to go through

  2. to do something right, to succeed, to guess right

  3. to pull, pitch a ball, to shoot a gun, throw, fling

  4. to stand on, step on

  5. to bless

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  1. pedir
    to come


  2. sugerir
    to cover


  3. amar
    to love


  4. felicitar
    to execute (carry out)


  5. zumbar
    to buzz (hum, flutter around)


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