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  1. demostrar
  2. defender
  3. colgar
  4. platicar
  5. inscribir
  1. a
    to hang up
  2. b
    to defend
  3. c
    to demonstrate, show
  4. d
    to chat, to talk over, to discuss
  5. e
    to inscribe, to record, to register

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  1. to worry (grieve)

  2. to maintain, to keep

  3. to agitate (wave)

  4. to invite

  5. to make fun of

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  1. esquiar
    to ski


  2. admitir
    to admit, to grant, to permit


  3. aburrir
    to bore


  4. pintarse
    to feel (well, ill)


  5. comer
    to take (train etc), to grab, to catch


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