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  1. floor of mouth
  2. obicularis oris
  3. infrahyoid muscles
  4. sternothyroid
  5. levator labii superioris
  1. a origin- maxilla, inserts- maxillary lip, action- pulls lip up for smile, innervation- CN #7
  2. b origin- at sternum, inserts on thyroid cartilage, depresses hyoid, and aids in swallowing, innervated by cervical nerves, short and thick
  3. c origin- soft tissue around mouth, inserts- soft tissue around mouth, action- closes lips to a sucking or pursing action, innervation- CN #7
  4. d together the geneohyoid a d mylohyoid muscles form what?
  5. e depress hyoid bone, all are innervated by cervical nerves, and all aid in swallowing

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  1. origin- sternum and clavicle, inserts- hyoid bone, action- depresses hyoid bone, and aids in swallowing, innervated- cervical nerves, long and thin
  2. CN # 5, abbreviation=V3=mandibular nerve
  3. aka as trigeminal neuralgia, CN # 5 can be hypersensitive, or muscle goes into tonic contraction and stays, can be very painful, typically only experienced on the right or left, painful to chew, idiopathic- questionable cause, typically pain comes and goes
  4. where muscle originates, and attaches to immoveable bone or surfaces
  5. origin- mandible, inserts- angle of mouth, action- depresses corner of mouth for frown, innervation- CN # 7

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  1. obicularis oculicircles eye, originates- orbital rim, inserts- soft tissue that surrounds orbit, action- closes eye or scrunches eye lightly or with tightness, innervation- CN #7


  2. extrinsic muscles of the tonguethese muscles are responsible for shaping the tounge during speech, chewing and swallowing


  3. kylohyoidpositioned under geniohyoid, originates- mylohyoid line on mandible, inserts- in hyoid bone, action- elevates and moves slightly anterior the hyoid bone, innevated- mylohyoid nerve


  4. suprahyoid musclesdepress hyoid bone, all are innervated by cervical nerves, and all aid in swallowing


  5. medial ptergoid processwhich muscle is a smaller version of the masseter?


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