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  1. depressor anguli oris
  2. temporalis
  3. sternocleidomastoid muscle
  4. zygomaticus
  5. trigeminal nerve
  1. a origin- on temporal bone, inserts- on coronoid process, action- elevates mandible, helps masseter, slight retrusion, innervation- CN # 5
  2. b origin- zygomatic bone, inserts- at corner of lip, action- elevates commisures of lips for smiling, innervation- CN #7
  3. c originates- clavicle, insertion- mastoid process of temporal bone, action- turns head from left to right, innervation- CN # 11
  4. d CN # 5, abbreviation=V3=mandibular nerve
  5. e origin- mandible, inserts- angle of mouth, action- depresses corner of mouth for frown, innervation- CN # 7

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  1. aka as trigeminal neuralgia, CN # 5 can be hypersensitive, or muscle goes into tonic contraction and stays, can be very painful, typically only experienced on the right or left, painful to chew, idiopathic- questionable cause, typically pain comes and goes
  2. origin- masseter muscle, inserts- angle of the mouth, action- widens mouth opening, innervation- CN # 7
  3. the most lateral of all muscles of mastication, origin- zygomatic arch of the zygomatic bone, inserts- on ramus, and angle of mandible, action- chewing and talking and elevates mandible, innervation- CN # 5, V3, or mandibular nerve
  4. how many muscles of mastication are there?
  5. originates- clavicle, inserts- soft tissue of chin, action- allows for movement of tissues of the neck, innervation- CN # 7, covers whole neck area

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  1. geniohyoidorigin- sternum and clavicle, inserts- hyoid bone, action- depresses hyoid bone, and aids in swallowing, innervated- cervical nerves, long and thin


  2. kylohyoidorigin- styloid process of temporal bone, inserts on hyoid bone, action- moves hyoid slightly posterior and elevates, innervated- CN # 7


  3. mentalisorigin- on mental pertuberance, inserts- soft tissue of the chin, action- pouting lip, innervation- CN #7


  4. multiple directionswhich nerve will stimulate that muscle to contract


  5. medial ptergoid muscleorigin- lateral ptergoid process, inserts, angle of mandible, action- mimics masseter on medial side, elevates mandible, innervated- CN # 5


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