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  1. kylohyoid
  2. obicularis oris
  3. posterior belly of digastric
  4. intrinsic muscles of the tongue
  5. inserts
  1. a on moveable bone, bone will move as a result of muscle action- what results from contraction
  2. b origin- soft tissue around mouth, inserts- soft tissue around mouth, action- closes lips to a sucking or pursing action, innervation- CN #7
  3. c positioned under geniohyoid, originates- mylohyoid line on mandible, inserts- in hyoid bone, action- elevates and moves slightly anterior the hyoid bone, innevated- mylohyoid nerve
  4. d origainates- temporal bone, specifically the mastoid process, inserts- on hyoid bone, action- elevates hyoid and moves slightly posterior, innervation- CN # 7
  5. e these muscles are responsible for shaping the tounge during speech, chewing and swallowing

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  1. origin- at sternum, inserts on thyroid cartilage, depresses hyoid, and aids in swallowing, innervated by cervical nerves, short and thick
  2. spinal accessory nerve
  3. when right lateral ptergoid muscles contracts the mandible does this, and vice versa if the left one were to contract.
  4. origin- mandible, inserts- angle of mouth, action- depresses corner of mouth for frown, innervation- CN # 7
  5. what muscles shapes the coronoid process

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  1. anterior belly of digastricorigin- madible, inserts on hyoid bone, action- elevates hyoid and moves slightly anterior, innervated- CN # 7


  2. platysmaorigin- on mental pertuberance, inserts- soft tissue of the chin, action- pouting lip, innervation- CN #7


  3. temporalisorigin- on temporal bone, inserts- on coronoid process, action- elevates mandible, helps masseter, slight retrusion, innervation- CN # 5


  4. sternohyoidorigin- sternum and clavicle, inserts- hyoid bone, action- depresses hyoid bone, and aids in swallowing, innervated- cervical nerves, long and thin


  5. risoriusorigin- masseter muscle, inserts- angle of the mouth, action- widens mouth opening, innervation- CN # 7


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