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  1. castrato
  2. ostinato
  3. Ars Nova
  4. aria
  5. sturm und drang
  1. a storm and stess: late eighteenth century movement in germany toward more emotional expression in the arts
  2. b a male singer who was castrated before puberty and retains a soprano or alto voice
  3. c a musical phrase repeated over and over during a composition
  4. d new art
  5. e an elaborate song for solo voice

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  1. short recurring instrumental passage found in both the aria and the Baroque concerto
  2. music arranged in parts for several voices or instruments
  3. a bass part written out in full and accompanied by numbers to indicate the chords to be played
  4. music consisting of a single vocal part (usually with accompaniment)
  5. ornate; highly decorated

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  1. singspielmedieval poet and musician who sang or recited while accompanying himself on a stringed instrument


  2. opera buffaComic opera


  3. chansontype of polyphonic composition in which one musical line strictly imitates another at a fixed distance throughout


  4. cantus firmusa melody used as the basis for a polyphonic composition; fixed


  5. multi-movement cycleusually 3 or 4 movements in a symphony, sonata, string quartet, or concerto, in prescribed forms and tempos and employed in various genres


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