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  1. counterpoint
  2. equal-temperament
  3. chamber music
  4. fugue
  5. absolute music
  1. a Music for a small instrumental ensemble with one instrument per line of music
  2. b Music that is independent of words, drama, visual images, or any kind of representational aspects.
  3. c a musical form consisting of a theme repeated a fifth above or a fourth below its first statement
  4. d a musical form involving the simultaneous sound of two or more melodies
  5. e the division of the scale based on an octave that is divided into twelve exactly equal semitones

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  1. interlude of intermediate section in the baroque fugue that serves as an area of relaxation between statements of the subject
  2. title given to the three prominent composers of the classical era: haydn, mozart, beethoven
  3. classical instrumental genre that combines elements of chamber music and symphony, often performed in the evening or at social functions
  4. a brilliant solo passage occuring near the end of a piece of music
  5. Baroque era, instrumental, continuous bass part

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  1. soft/loud instrumentsmedieval poet and musician who sang or recited while accompanying himself on a stringed instrument


  2. Mass Proper and Ordinaryordinary-sections of the roman catholic mass that remain the same from day to day throughout the church year, as distinct from the proper, which changes daily to the liturgical occasion


  3. polyphonymusic arranged in parts for several voices or instruments


  4. recitativemelodic idea presented in one voice and ten restated in another, each part continuing as other enter


  5. Notre Dame schooltitle given to the three prominent composers of the classical era: haydn, mozart, beethoven


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