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  1. opera buffa
  2. a capella
  3. chorale
  4. multi-movement cycle
  5. absolute music
  1. a without musical accompaniment
  2. b usually 3 or 4 movements in a symphony, sonata, string quartet, or concerto, in prescribed forms and tempos and employed in various genres
  3. c Music that is independent of words, drama, visual images, or any kind of representational aspects.
  4. d Comic opera
  5. e congregational hymn of the german lutheran church

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  1. Music for a small instrumental ensemble with one instrument per line of music
  2. southern/northern medieval poet-musicians
  3. German comic opera
  4. ordinary-sections of the roman catholic mass that remain the same from day to day throughout the church year, as distinct from the proper, which changes daily to the liturgical occasion
  5. The German word for "sensitiveness." In music, the term was used to describe the emotional music popular in the mid-eighteenth century

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  1. equal-temperamenta musical form involving the simultaneous sound of two or more melodies


  2. episodescale or sequence of notes used as the basis for a composition


  3. chansonFrench polyphonic song especially of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, set to either courtly or popular poetry


  4. Notre Dame schoolFirst polyphonic music composed with measured rhythem = Leonin and Perotin are composers


  5. florentine cameratainformal academy held at Bardi's palace in Florence where scholars discussed literature, science, and the arts, and musicians performed new music


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