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  1. Selection Intensity
  2. Replacement Rate
  3. Regression
  4. Accuracy of Selection
  1. a Rate at which selected individuals replace existing parents in the population.
  2. b Strictness of selection criteria.
  3. c Correlation between true BV and predicted breeding value for a trait in a population.
  4. d Indicator of the expected change in one trait relative to change in another trait in a population.

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  1. Selection based on performance above a certain level.
  2. Traits for which individual animals have multiple performance records. (milk production, calf weaning weight)
  3. performance potential for a repeated trait in an individual.
  4. Reduce potential measurement error, use most precise measurement as possible.
  5. Manage animals to keep environmental effects as similar as possible across the population.

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  1. Breeding Valueperformance potential for a repeated trait in an individual.


  2. Tandem SelectionSelection based on performance above a certain level.


  3. Characteristics of Repeatability-not fixed, varies across populations and environments
    -used for making culling decisions


  4. CorrelationCalculated using covariance, a measure of how two traits or values vary together in a population.


  5. BLUP ModelsRatio of individual performance compared to contemporary group mean.


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