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  1. Replacement Rate
  2. Truncation Selection
  3. Correlation
  4. Sire Summaries
  5. Genetic Variation
  1. a Rate at which selected individuals replace existing parents in the population.
  2. b Selection based on performance above a certain level.
  3. c Variability of BV for a trait in the population. The greater the genetic variation, the greater the difference between superior and inferior animals.
  4. d Calculated using covariance, a measure of how two traits or values vary together in a population.
  5. e Lists of genetic predictions, accuracy values, and other information for sires within a breed.

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  1. Time required to replace on generation with the next generation. Shorter interval = faster rate of genetic change.
  2. Grouping animals that experience similar environmental effects.
  3. Genetic value as a parent. Indication of potential to contribute to offspring.
  4. Set a minimum performance level for each trait being considered. Cull any animal that does not meet the standard for every trait.
  5. Nutrition, track conditions, illnesses

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  1. Characteristics of Repeatability-influences resemblance among relatives
    -influences accuracy of selection and rate of genetic change


  2. HeritabilityMeasure of the strength of the relationship between P and BV for a trait in a population.


  3. RegressionIndicator of the expected change in one trait relative to change in another trait in a population.


  4. Environmental UniformityManage animals to keep environmental effects as similar as possible across the population.


  5. Producing AbilityMeasure of the strength of the relationship between repeated records for a trait in a population.


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