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  1. Availability Heuristic
  2. Misinformation Effect
  3. Reconstructive Memory
  4. STM
  5. Pavlov
  1. a -magic #: 7 -/+ 2
    -is constantly a process
    -rehearsal (repeating phone #)
    -chunking - (phone #s)
  2. b Rang bell -> gave dog treats.
    Was studying animals digestive tracts.
  3. c -process of putting info together based on out perception of a memory
  4. d tendency to inflate probability of something occuring by how easily it comes to mind (shark attack, hit by lightning, plane crash)
  5. e ->stop sign vs. yield sign
    ->"power of suggestion"

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  1. When learning occurs but it is not readily observable
  2. Process by which a mentor provides less and less guidance in a task
  3. Concept that objects continue to exist and are permanent, developed around 18 months
  4. -immediately after bad behavior
    -by otherwise affectionate adult
    -used sparingly
    -not overboard & with explanation
  5. Conditioned Response: reaction to CS (after it has been associated with with UCS) -> reaching for mint

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  1. Positive ReinforcementInflated allowance
    Good behavior sticker


  2. Eidedic-Iconic memory
    -8% of children have it


  3. Planting Memories Exp. GenericGeneric Memory (Lost in Mall)
    -68% remember true
    -24% remember false
    -20% remember false (2 wks later)


  4. Zimbardo - 416-replacement
    -regarded as troublemaker


  5. FAEFundamental Attribution Error:
    Role within situation effects how people are perceived


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