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  1. Misinformation Effect
  2. Primary Reinforcer
  3. Positive Punishment
  4. Situational Psychology
  5. Cognition
  1. a Biologically determined - sex, food, water
  2. b content + preocess
  3. c Spanking
  4. d Collectivist
  5. e ->stop sign vs. yield sign
    ->"power of suggestion"

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  1. Thinking out loud
  2. Individualist
  3. -reinforcement is delivered after a fixed # of responses/interval of time

    FR-3: every 3rd time x happens, y happens
  4. Teachers told some kids were smart
    -30% of 'smarties' gained up to 22 IQ pt.s
    -all 'smarties' gained 10
    -'non-smarties' gained 0
  5. -primacy*
    -serial recall
    -free recall

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  1. Zimbardo - Parole Officer-broke down to chaplain
    -forgot ID, wanted to become better prisoner
    -Z reminded him of true ID, allowed to leave


  2. Zimbardo-2 weeks -> 6 days
    -Normal, healthy, "psychologically similar" males
    -Guards + prisoners randomly assigned


  3. Latent LearningWhen learning occurs but it is not readily observable


  4. Eidedic-Iconic memory
    -8% of children have it


  5. Planting Memories Exp. OutrageousOutrageous Memory (Spilled Drink)
    -90% remember true
    -0% remember false
    -24% remember true (2 wks later)


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