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  1. Learning
  2. Interval Schedule
  3. Zone of Proximal Development
  4. Misinformation Effect
  5. Positive Reinforcement
  1. a Measured by observable behavior.
  2. b Inflated allowance
    Good behavior sticker
  3. c ->stop sign vs. yield sign
    ->"power of suggestion"
  4. d Idea that parents should model behavior, and then expect child to attempt but need help. Give-and-take learning.
  5. e -set interval of time after which reinforcement occurs

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  1. Biologically determined - sex, food, water
  2. Fundamental Attribution Error:
    Role within situation effects how people are perceived
  3. Concept that objects continue to exist and are permanent, developed around 18 months
  4. -only childhood memories
    -18-53 year olds
  5. Intensity of CS, CR
    Muscular vs. Visceral

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  1. Dialectical ReasoningCritically analyzing and comparing two opposing POV's


  2. Ratio Schedule-# of response on which reinforcement occurs


  3. DesensitizationIncrease in behavioral response when a stimulus is presented repeatedly.
    -->Increased pain from something that is annoying/persistent


  4. Operant TrainingWhen learning occurs but it is not readily observable


  5. Zimbardo - Parole OfficerFormer convict emulated PO that treated him badly


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