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  1. petit mal
  2. gli/o
  3. adrenomegaly
  4. episiorrhaphy
  5. across
  1. a suture of the vulva
  2. b glue
  3. c enlarged adrenal gland
  4. d form of epilepsy in which there is a loss of awareness without a seizure
  5. e prefix trans-

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  1. gland sometimes referred to as the "master gland"
  2. health professional does not write prescriptions
  3. abbreviation for a common ear infection seen in children
  4. organ that produces bile
  5. not a connective tissue

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  1. systemic circulationusing fingertips to tap on a surface to determine the condition beneath


  2. phonophoresisloss of appetite


  3. clumpingagglutin/o


  4. FSHNOT a diagnostic test


  5. gall bladderpain


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