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  1. cystorrhagia
  2. peri-
  3. scoliosis
  4. phrenology
  5. lack of breathing
  1. a not a method of trating mental disorders
  2. b diagnostic term that means "abnormal (lateral) curve of the spine
  3. c medical term apnea means
  4. d around
  5. e bleeding from the bladder

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  1. stone
  2. drug name that means the same thing as generic name
  3. removing impurities from the body
  4. impairment of speech
  5. study of newborn

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  1. appendixsmall worm-like outgrowth at the end of the cecum


  2. fibrillationabnormal quivering of heart muscle fibers


  3. pruritussevere itching


  4. brain stemsurgical procedure to cut a hole into the trachea to provide an airway


  5. phlegmnot an organ of the respiratory system


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