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  1. closed
  2. treadmill
  3. stimulation
  4. atelectasis
  5. olfactory nerve
  1. a cranial nerve that transports impulses of sense of smell to the brain
  2. b stress test
  3. c medical term for a simple fracture that does not break through the skin
  4. d name for the condition in which lung tissue collapses
  5. e not one of the stages of urine production

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  1. diagnostic term for twisting or kinking of the intestine causing intestinal obstruction
  2. process that uses radioactive glucose to measure metabolic activity in the brain
  3. complete absence of urine
  4. small worm-like outgrowth at the end of the cecum
  5. humpback

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  1. anorchismloss of appetite


  2. falsesubstances not associated with disease if it is found in the urine


  3. deepa structure located farthest from the surface of the body is


  4. lungsabnormal "crackling" sounds made during inspiration


  5. muscle biopsyexcision, removal


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