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  1. nonproprietary name
  2. dysuria
  3. protocol
  4. trans-
  5. gland
  1. a aden/o
  2. b painful urination
  3. c plan of treatment for cancer patients developed by examining all fo the options
  4. d drug name that means the same thing as generic name
  5. e across

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  1. narrowing
  2. excessive calcium in the blood
  3. an abnormal deep sleep resulting from an illness or injury
  4. excessive sweat
  5. measurement of the pelvic area to see if the fetus can be delivered vaginally

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  1. perineumlargest section of the brain


  2. polydepsiaabnormal state of extreme thirst


  3. colonoscopyhair cells in this area change vibrations to electrical impulses for hearing


  4. ischemiadeficiency of blood supply


  5. nephrostomysurgical term for creation of an artificial opening into the kidney


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