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  1. suffix
  2. cell
  3. bradycardia
  4. -uria
  5. balan/o
  1. a glans penis
  2. b basic and functional unit of all living things
  3. c slow heartbeat
  4. d condition of the urine
  5. e part of a medical term that often indicates a condition, disease, or procedure

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  1. surgical repair of the skin or skin grafting
  2. crin/o
  3. abnormal state of extreme thirst
  4. chronic disorder of carbohydrate metabolism which results in hyperglycemia and glycosuria
  5. another name for nosebleed

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  1. scleraoutermost layer of the eye, referred to as the "white" of the eye


  2. discharge summaryimpairment of speech


  3. cheilorrhaphysuture the lip


  4. lunulahalf moon of nail


  5. inguinalcondition of the urine


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