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  1. dysphasia
  2. pathogenic
  3. arthrodesis
  4. leukemia
  5. trichomycosis
  1. a diagnostic term for a disease characterized by excessive increase in abnormal while blood cells in the bone marrow
  2. b impairment of speech
  3. c surgical fusion of a joint
  4. d abnormal condition of fungus on the hair
  5. e disease producing

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  1. x-ray film of the renal pelvis with a contrast medium injected into a vein
  2. length of time from conception to birth-generally nine months
  3. quadrant of the abdominopelvic region contains the appendix
  4. slow heartbeat
  5. redness

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  1. atherosclerosisformation of yellowish plaques of cholesterol on the inner walls of arteries


  2. lymphadenitisimpairment of speech


  3. olfactory nervecranial nerve that transports impulses of sense of smell to the brain


  4. peri-body lying horizontally and facing downward


  5. type ABblood type is known as the universal recipient


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