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  1. cochlea
  2. malignant melanoma
  3. Type 1
  4. neurolysis
  5. gastroenterology
  1. a destruction of a nerve
  2. b insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
  3. c dangerous form of skin cancer caused by an overgrowth of melanin-producing cells
  4. d medical speciality deals with the digestive system
  5. e hair cells in this area change vibrations to electrical impulses for hearing

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  1. rupture of the eardrum
  2. nearsightedness
  3. acne rosacea
  4. part of a medical term that often indicates a condition, disease, or procedure
  5. stone

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  1. kyphosisdiagnostic term that means "abnormal (lateral) curve of the spine


  2. anitgenear wax


  3. atherosclerosisformation of yellowish plaques of cholesterol on the inner walls of arteries


  4. nephrolithiasisdestruction of a nerve


  5. comacombining form pneum/o


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