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  1. vagus nerve
  2. incontinence
  3. renal pelvis
  4. forceps
  5. ganglion
  1. a main collection point for urine as it is formed
  2. b involuntary release of urinesis urinary
  3. c crainal nerve that supplies most organs in the abdominal and thoracic cavities
  4. d knotlike mass of nerve tissue located outside the brain and spinal cord
  5. e surigcal instrument used to grasp tissue

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  1. stoppage of bleeding
  2. excessive calcium in the blood
  3. treatment designed to reduce the intensity of painful sypmtoms but doesn't produce a cure
  4. cranial nerve that transports impulses of sense of smell to the brain
  5. surgical repair of the skin or skin grafting

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  1. ovarycutting into


  2. hypoglycemianearsightedness


  3. diverticulitisdiagnostic term that means inflammation of a blind pouch or sac in the colon


  4. polymyositisinflammation of many muscles


  5. trans-across


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