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  1. cerebral angiography
  2. rib
  3. serum
  4. arthrodesis
  5. PET scanning
  1. a process that uses radioactive glucose to measure metabolic activity in the brain
  2. b diagnostic term means the process of x-ray filming of the blood vessels in the brain
  3. c the clear sticky fluid that remains after the blood has clotted
  4. d surgical fusion of a joint
  5. e combining form cost/o

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  1. slow
  2. diagnostic term that means weakness in the wall of an artery that results in localized widening of the artery
  3. anesthesiologist
  4. low level of sugar in the blood
  5. combining form enter/o

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  1. blepharitisinflammation of the eyelid


  2. endarterectomysurgical term that means surgical excision of the thickened interior of an artery


  3. rhinorrheamedical term meaning nose discharge


  4. lymphadenitisfarsightedness


  5. sputum cytologya laboratory test for the presence of malignant cells


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