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  1. 2nd degree burn
  2. physician
  3. larynx
  4. histology
  5. GIV
  1. a a burn that damages the epidermis and dermis causing redness and blisters
  2. b tumor classification that would be most difficult to read
  3. c anesthesiologist
  4. d the study of tissue
  5. e organ found in the respiratory system

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  1. painful
  2. outer portion of the kidney
  3. structure also known as the voice box
  4. medical term meaning difficult digestion
  5. abnormal condition of no sweat

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  1. treadmillpassageway for air from the pharynx to the bronchi


  2. lymphadenitisinflammation urethra


  3. vagus nervecrainal nerve that supplies most organs in the abdominal and thoracic cavities


  4. encephal/oskin discoloration or bruise caused by blood collecting under the skin


  5. retro-backward, behind


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