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  1. M. leprae
  2. disease
  3. carotenoids
  4. purified protein derivative
  5. neutrophils
  1. a ,,, are produced by the mycobacteria and are called photochromogens
  2. b aka PPD test evokes a delayed type hypersensitivity response IF it is a familar antigen, and is injected intradermally
  3. c what tips the balance towards TB ... includes
    1. age: very young, teenage years, old
    2. immune status: ie immune compromised HIV AIDs, alpha inhibition therapy, immunosuppressants, innate defects
    3. heavy exposure
    4. genetics
    5. certain strains of M. tuberculosis
  4. d .. is a type of mycobacteria that is the agent of leprosy
  5. e .. are the immune cells that are the phagocytic cell usually in the bloodstream, and sets extracellular DNA traps

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  1. ... aka PCR or probes, are used on specimens, only approved for smear positive sputum, and can ID specimens growing in culture
  2. or Bacille Calmette Guerin, is a mutant of M. bovis that is attenuated, and is the strain used for the TB vaccine which is the most widely given vaccine in the world (100 million per year worldwide)
  3. if you have a positive ... for TB the next step is to determine whether the infection is active or latent through clincial exam, hisotry, and chest radiograph
  4. ... produce carotenoids when exposed to light and will produce a bright orange or yellow color
  5. ... in the cell wall of M. tb may facilitate the fact that lysosome of macrophage does not fuse to phagosome, due to selectively fusogenic nature of microbe, which can survive on host lipids

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  1. M. marinumaka fish tank granuloma is makred by slowly progressive non-healing papulonodules, can will have positive PPD test, and nodules should be biopsied for pathology and culture. And treatment is 2 drugs for 4 to 6 months (ie clarithromycin, rifampin, ciprofloacin-- depnding on what bacteria strain is sensitive to which drugs


  2. BCGtreatment for an active adult TB infection is with a 4 drug cocktail for ... months


  3. induration... of the tissue due to caseating granuloma formation could be a good thing or a bad thing because it tries to contain the infection, but then doesn't this contribute to latency


  4. latentonce tb infection spreads to a ... site may have normal chest x-ray, or may be abnormal, is often contagious, and will have a positive PPD test


  5. extensively.... drug resistant TB infection are resistant to isoniazid, rifampin, FLQ, and aminogoglycoside


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