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  1. neutrophils
  2. non-tuberculous
  3. cavitary
  4. human to human
  5. chest x-ray
  1. a transmission of M. leprae occurs between .... via inhalation of respiratory droplets
  2. b a ... is a tool often used to help us see if patient has an active TB infection, as well as the physical exam and a through history
  3. c ... tuberculosis can be seen in the lung tissue as pockets of bad looking tissue (granulomas), and TB near airway when we cough, spews out
  4. d M. ulcerans is a type of .... mycobacteriam, that is the agent of buruli ulcer
  5. e .. are the immune cells that are the phagocytic cell usually in the bloodstream, and sets extracellular DNA traps

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  1. some issues related to TB ... include
    1. relatively few drugs to treat with
    2. emerging antibiotic resistance
    3. length of therapy
    4. drug delivery
    5. difficulty killing latent bacteria
    6. macrophage penetration
    7. drug interactions-- don't work well with HIV treatments
  2. ... are the reservoir for M. leprae
  3. M. bovis BCG is the .. strain, that is made up of attenuated M. bovis (was allowed to replicate until it lost its virulence)
  4. .... mycobacterium are found in water microenvironments such as water insects or amebas, or mosquitos (not 100% sure)
  5. the ... drugs used in active adult TB infections are
    1. isoniazid, 2. Rifampin, 3. Pyrazinamide, and 4. either Ethambutol or an Amingoglycoside

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  1. photochromogens... produce carotenoids when exposed to light and will produce a bright orange or yellow color


  2. distant... TB occurs in a person that has been infected with tuberculosis type mycobacteria, that can be clinically well (ie clear chest x-ray) and is not contagious to others


  3. herdthe BCG vaccine does not provide ... immunity, so even when given in mass, does not protect the unvaccinated


  4. divertedan ... person with M. tuberculosis, bovis, or africaneum, can be either clincially ill with active TB that is contagious, or can be clinically well with normal chest x-ray but has latent TB that is not contagious


  5. latent.... tb infections are usually contained in the body somewhere, so are not contagious, but PPD test will be positive, and chest xray is normal or see calcifications


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