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  1. M. marinum
  2. armadillos
  3. 10-20%
  4. suspected
  5. vaccine
  1. a the M. bovis BCG ... is protective against leproxy
  2. b ... are a reservoir for M . leprae in the wild an dmay transmit the infection to humans
  3. c all people with latent TB have a .... life time risk of developing active TB, with the greatest risk in the first 2 years after infection, higher risk in children, and higher still in immune compromised folks
  4. d when you have a ... case of TB, place PPD on case and close contacts
  5. e ... is a type of mycobacteria that can be found in fish tanks and swimming pools

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  1. M tb. inhibits apoptosis in favor of ....
  2. .. to TB occurs when the bacteria are inhaled into respiratory system
  3. ... facilitates its uptake by macrophage phagosome, via complement receptors, and then the lysosome will not fuse with the phagosome
  4. ,,, are produced by the mycobacteria and are called photochromogens
  5. the transmission of M. bovis occurs via .... means or by ingestion of nonpasturized diary products

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  1. BCGthe ... (aka skin response to TB antigen) occurs 2 weeks after infection


  2. granuloma... is scientist that gave us germ theory (postulates)
    1. organism present in only infected animals
    2. organism can be isolated from such animals
    3. isolated organism causes disease in healthy animal
    4. organism can be reisolated


  3. necrosiswe see 800,000 cases a year in India, Nepal, Brazil, and Africa of .... we also see about 100 cases of this a year in US


  4. treatment1/3 of the world has a ... TB infection


  5. ingest, inoculate, inhalethe route of transmission for NTM and M ulcercans mycobacteria includes ...


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