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  1. herd
  2. Koch
  3. M. tuberculosis
  4. M. leprae
  5. macrophages and lymphocytes
  1. a cellular immunity driven by ... immune system cells, is critical for the control of infection
  2. b the ... complex consists of
    1. ....
    2. M. bovis
    3. M. africanum
    (all three cause similar disease that we call tuberculosis)
  3. c the BCG vaccine does not provide ... immunity, so even when given in mass, does not protect the unvaccinated
  4. d ... is scientist that gave us germ theory (postulates)
    1. organism present in only infected animals
    2. organism can be isolated from such animals
    3. isolated organism causes disease in healthy animal
    4. organism can be reisolated
  5. e .. is a type of mycobacteria that is the agent of leprosy

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  1. the BCG vaccine is not very effective because the ... disease is not protective, and the infection process is very immunologically complex because the infection hides in the immune system and hijacks immunologic responses
  2. in the normal disease pathway the antigen .. is ingested into phagosomal compartment of macrophages
  3. for TB treatment in child less than 5, use isoniazid for LTBI and active infection for ... months!
  4. the BCG vaccine provides about .... efficacy against severe disease in infancy (ie disseminated/miliary or menengitis), but unfortunately this vaccine does not protect against pulmonary or non-infancy disease-- so no herd immunity
  5. ... are always pigmented (buff color)

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  1. bacilli... are bacteria with a rod shape


  2. vaccinethe .. for TB is the most widely used ... in the entire world, but it is not a great ... because it protects against TB during infancy only, plus it left similar scar to that of smallpox vaccine


  3. armadillos... are bacteria with a rod shape


  4. inflammatory and latentnontuberculous mycobacterium are found in the ... all around us


  5. granulomathe hallmark of M. tb is the caseating ... which can be good (contains infection) but for bacteria
    1. site of latency
    2. but is only good to a point, because in order to spread to new host, must case pulmonary disease


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