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  1. active
  2. necrosis
  3. lipids
  4. Mycobacteria
  5. M. tuberculosis
  1. a M tb. inhibits apoptosis in favor of ....
  2. b the ... complex consists of
    1. ....
    2. M. bovis
    3. M. africanum
    (all three cause similar disease that we call tuberculosis)
  3. c ... are aerobic rod-shaped bacteria that are acid fast
  4. d ... TB is TB in which patient is clinically ill (ie chest x-ray shows infection), that can be infectious
  5. e ... in the cell wall of M. tb may facilitate the fact that lysosome of macrophage does not fuse to phagosome, due to selectively fusogenic nature of microbe, which can survive on host lipids

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  1. the PPD test must be read by health care provider in ... hours, and is also influenced by placement technique
  2. nontuberculous mycobacterium are found in the ... all around us
  3. .... not redness is what is examined to have a postive PPD (measured 48 to 72 hours after intradermal injection)
  4. M. marinum is known as the ... granuloma, that grows slowly at 37 C, and is present on water and on water animals, and are slowly progressing non-healing papulonodules that are mildly tender
  5. next the TB bacteria drain to the regional .... where the infection can then be propagated to more tissue because at this point is tough to contain infection

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  1. non-TBfor TB treatment in child less than 5, use isoniazid for LTBI and active infection for ... months!


  2. neutrophils.. are the immune cells that are the phagocytic cell usually in the bloodstream, and sets extracellular DNA traps


  3. macrophages and lymphocytes... are phagocytic cells that are usually located in tissue, that participate in cell signaling and cytokine activation, and are the home to M. tb


  4. Mycobacteria tuberculosis... is a leading killer in today's world
    1. infects 1/3 of world
    2. makes 9 million people sick
    3. kills 2-3 million people


  5. PPDrepeat .... boost the immune response, they do not create false positives


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