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  1. meningitis
  2. diverted
  3. extensively
  4. induration
  5. 48 to 72
  1. a the normal pathway for the exogenous antigen presentation on MHC II of immune cells is ... in M. tb infection, because the phagosome containing TB does not bind to lysosome
  2. b a TB infection causing ... often presents with
    1. intermittent fevers
    2. malaise
    3. progressive vommiting
    4. lethargy
    5. meningismus (stiff neck
    6. CSF with 230 WBC, 70% lymphocytes, 20% monocytes, 10% neutrophils
    7. protein count is high in blood, and glucose is low
  3. c the PPD test must be read by health care provider in ... hours, and is also influenced by placement technique
  4. d .... not redness is what is examined to have a postive PPD (measured 48 to 72 hours after intradermal injection)
  5. e .... drug resistant TB infection are resistant to isoniazid, rifampin, FLQ, and aminogoglycoside

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  1. the ... type responses occur simultaneously, until eventually one type becomes dominant
  2. all people with latent TB have a .... life time risk of developing active TB, with the greatest risk in the first 2 years after infection, higher risk in children, and higher still in immune compromised folks
  3. the PPD test is not ... is just about 20% and is really bad in immunocompromised, very young, and very old
  4. ... are aerobic rod-shaped bacteria that are acid fast
  5. .. is a type of mycobacteria that is the agent of leprosy

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  1. lipids30% of mycobacteria's weight is due to ....


  2. microbein the normal disease pathway the antigen .. is ingested into phagosomal compartment of macrophages


  3. M. ulcerans... are the immune cells that make immunoglobulins


  4. TBthere are .. types of leprosy infections and depends on the host immune response


  5. latentthe .. for TB is the most widely used ... in the entire world, but it is not a great ... because it protects against TB during infancy only, plus it left similar scar to that of smallpox vaccine


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