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  1. carotenoids
  2. mycobacteria
  3. infected
  4. PPD
  5. 48 to 72
  1. a .... are non-motile, non-spore forming bacteria
  2. b the PPD test must be read by health care provider in ... hours, and is also influenced by placement technique
  3. c ,,, are produced by the mycobacteria and are called photochromogens
  4. d an ... person with M. tuberculosis, bovis, or africaneum, can be either clincially ill with active TB that is contagious, or can be clinically well with normal chest x-ray but has latent TB that is not contagious
  5. e repeat .... boost the immune response, they do not create false positives

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  1. .... in well water could also serve as a reservoir of M. leprae
  2. the .... causes the disease that we call TB
    -M. tuberculosis 37C in 12 to 28 days
    - M. bovis 37C in 21 to 40 days
    -M. africanum 37 C in 21 to 40 days
  3. the ... (aka skin response to TB antigen) occurs 2 weeks after infection
  4. ... facilitates its uptake by macrophage phagosome, via complement receptors, and then the lysosome will not fuse with the phagosome
  5. in ... mycobacterium infections with M. leprae, we see multiple lesions, destructive tissue damage, multibacillary (ie bacteriema), and it is contagious due to a lack of a response by immune system (weak immune system)

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  1. latent.... tb infections are usually contained in the body somewhere, so are not contagious, but PPD test will be positive, and chest xray is normal or see calcifications


  2. nineglobally see a lot of ... patients also being diagnosed with active TB


  3. Mycobacteria tuberculosis... are aerobic rod-shaped bacteria that are acid fast


  4. leprosyM tb. inhibits apoptosis in favor of ....


  5. water and soilnontuberculous mycobacterium are found in the ... all around us


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