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Unit 2: Acid Fast Bacteria Test

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  1. crook
  2. neutrophils
  3. photochromogens
  4. 30-50%
  5. cavitary
  1. a .. are the immune cells that are the phagocytic cell usually in the bloodstream, and sets extracellular DNA traps
  2. b ... are pigments produced by the mycobacteria, that when exposed to light will change color due to the production of carotenoids
  3. c a TB infection in the spine can cause ... in the back appearance
  4. d ... tuberculosis can be seen in the lung tissue as pockets of bad looking tissue (granulomas), and TB near airway when we cough, spews out
  5. e the BCG vaccine provides about .... efficacy against severe disease in infancy (ie disseminated/miliary or menengitis), but unfortunately this vaccine does not protect against pulmonary or non-infancy disease-- so no herd immunity

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  1. the normal pathway for the exogenous antigen presentation on MHC II of immune cells is ... in M. tb infection, because the phagosome containing TB does not bind to lysosome
  2. cellular immunity driven by ... immune system cells, is critical for the control of infection
  3. ... are immune cells that go through cell signaling and cytokine activation. Are the cells that are depleted by HIV infection
  4. .. to TB occurs when the bacteria are inhaled into respiratory system
  5. there are .. types of leprosy infections and depends on the host immune response

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  1. Mycobacteria tuberculosis... is a leading killer in today's world
    1. infects 1/3 of world
    2. makes 9 million people sick
    3. kills 2-3 million people


  2. leprosy30% of mycobacteria's weight is due to ....


  3. induration... of the tissue due to caseating granuloma formation could be a good thing or a bad thing because it tries to contain the infection, but then doesn't this contribute to latency


  4. non-TB... mycobacteria are usually rapid growers which distinguishes them from the photochromogens, scotochromogens, and nonchromogens


  5. 48 to 72the PPD test must be read by health care provider in ... hours, and is also influenced by placement technique


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