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  1. Consequences of physical inactivity and leading health problems in US.
  2. What are some tips to starting and maintaining a program?
  3. Review the exercises considerations.
  4. 2008 Federal Guidelines for Physical Activity
  5. How does body composition change in relation to strength training?
  1. a See page 295 for more information
  2. b Attempt to train 5 to 6 times a week for 30 min. at a time, say at a regular time for exercise, exercise early in the day, select aerobic activity you enjoy. To maintain fitness you should keep up a regular exercise program even during vacations.
  3. c Consume a variety of foods from the basic food groups-stay within energy needs. Be physical every day. Control calorie intake to control body weight. If you drink alcoholic drinks do so in moderation. Increase daily intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and non fat and low fat milks. Choose carbohydrates wisely for good health. Choose and prepare foods with less salt. Choose fat wisely for good health. Keep food safe to eat.
  4. d A decrease of adipose or fatty tissue around muscle fiber themselves
  5. e The US Surgeon General has stated that poor health as a result of the lack of physical activity is a serious public health problem. Lack of physical activity can lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease, type II diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and osteoporotic fractures.

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  1. Men: 13% - 23% Women 18% - 28%
  2. M HR equals 207-(.7 x age)
  3. The belief of one's own ability to perform a given task. Your attitude and behaviors.
  4. Risk factor is the lifestyle and the genetic variables that may lead to disease.
  5. 3500 cal

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  1. What is health-related fitness?BMI index between 18.5 and 25.


  2. Define body composition and essential and storage fat.Motivation is the desire to do something and locus of control is a concept examining the extent to which a person believes he or she can influence the external environment.


  3. What causes back pain?1. physical inactivity 2. poor postural habits and body mechanics 3. excessive body weight 4. psychological stress


  4. What three impediments can keep people from taking action?The diet features olive oil, grains (whole, not refined), legumes, vegetables, fruits and limited amounts of meat, fish, red wines, nuts, and dairy product. It is a semi vegetarian diet.


  5. How is resting heart rate assessed?By sitting down and taking your pulse


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