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  1. Consequences of physical inactivity and leading health problems in US.
  2. What is health-related fitness?
  3. What are the common techniques to assess body composition?
  4. What is specificity of training?
  5. Plastic elongation and elastic elongation.
  1. a Health related fitness is a program that is prescribed to improve an individuals' overall health.
  2. b The US Surgeon General has stated that poor health as a result of the lack of physical activity is a serious public health problem. Lack of physical activity can lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease, type II diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and osteoporotic fractures.
  3. c Dual - energy x-ray absorperatometry (DXA), hydrostatic weighing, air displacement, skinfold thickness, girth measurement, Bio electric impedance, body mass index, and waist circumference
  4. d Principal that training must be done with the specific muscle the person is attempting to improve.
  5. e Plastic elongation - permanent lengthening of soft tissue. Elastic elongation - temporary lengthening of soft tissue

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  1. Walking, hiking, jogging, Deepwater jogging, swimming, water aerobics, cycling, spinning, rope skipping, cross country skiing, rowing, stair climbing, racquet sports and cross training
  2. Individuals whose diet is of vegetables or plant origin.
  3. It is important because it affects our health in your will to exercise
  4. Toxic health begins with social influences such as peers, friends, family, workplace, school, radio, TV and movies. The environment that you live and can affect if you exercise or not and your behavior
  5. Osteoporosis is the lack of minerals required to keep bones strong. Iron deficiency is inadequate iron intake.

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  1. Benefits of strength training.Helps control blood sugar, increases and maintains muscle and a higher resting metabolic rate; encourages weight loss and maintenance, prevents obesity; lessens the risk of injury; reduces chronic lower back pain; alleviates arthritic pain; aids in childbearing (additional benefits on page 210)


  2. What is RDA?Parameter to determine thiness and excessive fatness that incorpates height and wieght to estimate critical fat at which the rick for diease increase


  3. Define motivation and locus of control.Motivation is the desire to do something and locus of control is a concept examining the extent to which a person believes he or she can influence the external environment.


  4. What are the stages of the transtheoretical model of change?Lack of core values, procrastination, precondition cultural beliefs, gratification, risk complacency, complexity, indifference and helplessness, rationalization and illusions of invincibility


  5. Table 7.5 sets and reps for general fitness.See page 226 for information


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