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  1. How does body composition change in relation to strength training?
  2. Dynamic training.
  3. What causes back pain?
  4. Best time to stretch?
  5. What is a healthy range from BMI?
  1. a 1. physical inactivity 2. poor postural habits and body mechanics 3. excessive body weight 4. psychological stress
  2. b Strength training method referred to a muscle contraction with movement
  3. c A decrease of adipose or fatty tissue around muscle fiber themselves
  4. d After exercising and Before steady activity (walking, jogging, cycling). Up to 10 min. before stopping collectivities (racquet sports, basketball, and soccer) and athletic participation in general (football and gymnastics)
  5. e BMI index between 18.5 and 25.

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  1. RDA stands for recommended dietary allowance. RDA is the daily amount of nutrients.
  2. Contemplate exercise, realize need for exercise, consider fitness course, and role in fitness course, participate in exercise, course ends, stop exercising and finding excuse not to exercise
  3. The most important nutrient is water, as it is involved in almost every vital body process: in digesting and absorbing food, in producing energy, in the circulation process, in regulating body heat, and removing waste products, in building and rebuilding cells, and in transporting other nutrients.
  4. Methods of procedures used during each process of change. For example, following dinner, people with a weight problem often cannot resist constant snacking during the rest of the evening until its time to retire for the night.
  5. Parameter to determine thiness and excessive fatness that incorpates height and wieght to estimate critical fat at which the rick for diease increase

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  1. Define SAID training.Specific application to impose demand - training principle stating that, for improvement to occur in a specific activity, the exercise performed during strength - training program must resemble as closely as possible the movement pattern in counter to that particular activity.


  2. How does the environment influence our nutrition?We Americans are in an environment that now eats all the time. If you see a person eating, you want to eat too


  3. Be familiar with the process of change-what are they and how do they help?Consciousness is the first step of behavior modification. This step involves obtaining information about problems he making a decision about the problem behavior. Social liberation stresses external alternatives that make you aware of problem behaviors and began to contemplate change. Self-analysis is behavior modifying which developing a decisive desire to do so. Emotional arousal is one of personal experience as an express his feelings about the problem and its solution. Positive outlook means to taking and optimistic approach from the beginning and believing in yourself. Commitment is making the decision to change, you accept the responsibility to change and believe in your ability to do so. Behavior analysis is knowing the frequency, circumstance, and consequences of the behavior to be altered or implemented. Goals motivate change in behavior. Self-analysis is when an individual analyzer their feeling about the problem behavior.


  4. Ballistic, static and PNF stretchingPrincipal that training must be done with the specific muscle the person is attempting to improve.


  5. Isometric training.Strength - training method referring to a muscle contraction that produces little or no movement (pushing or pulling against an immovable object)


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