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  1. What is health-related fitness?
  2. What is an internal and external locus of control?
  3. Be familiar with the tests to estimate Vo2 max.
  4. Define health
  5. What percentage of Americans reach the minimum recommendations for the ACSM for improvement and maintenance of CR fitness?
  1. a Between 30 and 60% of the persons HRR
  2. b Internal control is people who believe that they have control of events in their life. External control is when a person believes that a certain result happen cause of chance or the environment and is unrelated to their behavior.
  3. c Health related fitness is a program that is prescribed to improve an individuals' overall health.
  4. d 1.5 mile run test, 1.0 mile walk test, step task, the Astrand - rhyming, and 12 min. swim test
  5. e Health is a state of complete well-being - not just the absence of disease or infirmity.

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  1. The belief of one's own ability to perform a given task. Your attitude and behaviors.
  2. By sitting down and taking your pulse
  3. Health care expenditures have increased dramatically due to our sedentary life. Health care has risen in the United States from $12 billion dollars in 1952 to $2 trillion dollars in 2006, the United States spends more per person than any other industrialized country. Scientific evidence now links participation in fitness and wellness programs to better health and to lower medical costs and higher job productivity.
  4. M HR equals 207-(.7 x age)
  5. 50 to 60%

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  1. What is overload and how does it occur?The process which permanently changes negative behaviors to positive behaviors that will tend to better health and well-being


  2. Define wellness and know the 7 dimensions.Wellness is the constant and deliberate effort to stay healthy and achieve the highest potential for well being. Seven dimensions are: physical, emotional, mental, social, environmental, occupational, and spiritual.


  3. What is specificity of training?Strength - training method referring to a muscle contraction that produces little or no movement (pushing or pulling against an immovable object)


  4. What are tips for selecting healthy foods?The process which permanently changes negative behaviors to positive behaviors that will tend to better health and well-being


  5. Define overtraining.A training approach that divides the season into three cycles (macro cycles, meso cycles and micro-cycles) using a systematic variation in intensity and volume of training to enhance fitness and formants


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