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  1. Why is good nutrition important?
  2. Contraindicated exercises.
  3. How does stress relate to back pain?
  4. Define VO2 Max. What determines it?
  5. What are the stages of the transtheoretical model of change?
  1. a Maximum on oxygen the body is able to utilize permanent physical activity, commonly expressed in milliliters; the best indicator of cardiorespiratory or aerobic fitness
  2. b Excessive stress causes muscles to contract. In the case of lower back, frequent tightening of the muscles can through the back out of alignment and constrict blood vessels to supply oxygen and nutrients to the back.
  3. c Pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, termination, maintenance and action. Behavior modification model proposing that change is accomplished through a series of progressive stages in keeping with a person's readiness to change
  4. d It is important because it affects our health in your will to exercise
  5. e May cause harm because of the excessive strain the place on muscles and joints, in particular the spine, lower back, knees, neck and shoulders

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  1. Wellness is the constant and deliberate effort to stay healthy and achieve the highest potential for well being. Seven dimensions are: physical, emotional, mental, social, environmental, occupational, and spiritual.
  2. 120/80
  3. 1.5 mile run test, 1.0 mile walk test, step task, the Astrand - rhyming, and 12 min. swim test
  4. Osteoporosis is the lack of minerals required to keep bones strong. Iron deficiency is inadequate iron intake.
  5. Vitamin A is required for healthy bones, teeth, and skin and is found in eggs, liver yellow and dark green fruits and vegetables. Vitamin D is necessary for bones and teeth and for calcium and phosphorus absorption and can be found in fortified milk, cod liver oil, egg yolks. Vitamin C protects against infections and can be found in fruits and vegetables. Folic acid is needed for cell growth and reproduction and for red blood cell formation and it can be found in leafy green vegetables, cereals and dried beans.

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  1. What is overload and how does it occur?A training concept that the demand placed on a system (cardiorespiratory or muscular) must be increased systematically and progressively over time to cause physiological adaptation (development or improvement).


  2. Define hypo kinetic disease.Chronic conditions related to a lack of physical activity such as hypertension, heart disease, chronic lower back pain, and obesity.


  3. What is behavior modification?Individuals whose diet is of vegetables or plant origin.


  4. Define motivation and locus of control.Overweight is an access amount of weight against the given standards, such as height or required percentage of body fat. Obesity is the excessive accumulation of body fat, at least 30% above recommended body weight.


  5. Plastic elongation and elastic elongation.Motivation is the desire to do something and locus of control is a concept examining the extent to which a person believes he or she can influence the external environment.


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