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  1. What causes back pain?
  2. Benefits of strength training.
  3. What is a toxic health and fitness environment?
  4. Economic and health benefits of a wellness program.
  5. How does the environment influence our nutrition?
  1. a Helps control blood sugar, increases and maintains muscle and a higher resting metabolic rate; encourages weight loss and maintenance, prevents obesity; lessens the risk of injury; reduces chronic lower back pain; alleviates arthritic pain; aids in childbearing (additional benefits on page 210)
  2. b We Americans are in an environment that now eats all the time. If you see a person eating, you want to eat too
  3. c 1. physical inactivity 2. poor postural habits and body mechanics 3. excessive body weight 4. psychological stress
  4. d Toxic health begins with social influences such as peers, friends, family, workplace, school, radio, TV and movies. The environment that you live and can affect if you exercise or not and your behavior
  5. e Health care expenditures have increased dramatically due to our sedentary life. Health care has risen in the United States from $12 billion dollars in 1952 to $2 trillion dollars in 2006, the United States spends more per person than any other industrialized country. Scientific evidence now links participation in fitness and wellness programs to better health and to lower medical costs and higher job productivity.

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  1. Chronic conditions related to a lack of physical activity such as hypertension, heart disease, chronic lower back pain, and obesity.
  2. The most important nutrient is water, as it is involved in almost every vital body process: in digesting and absorbing food, in producing energy, in the circulation process, in regulating body heat, and removing waste products, in building and rebuilding cells, and in transporting other nutrients.
  3. Bench jumps, modified push-ups (women), modified dips (man), bent leg curl up, abdominal crunches (see page 218 for additional exercises)
  4. It is important because it affects our health in your will to exercise
  5. Principal that training must be done with the specific muscle the person is attempting to improve.

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  1. What is a vegetarian?Individuals whose diet is of vegetables or plant origin.


  2. Define motivation and locus of control.Overweight is an access amount of weight against the given standards, such as height or required percentage of body fat. Obesity is the excessive accumulation of body fat, at least 30% above recommended body weight.


  3. What are the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans?Science-based advice to promote health and reduce the risk for major chronic diseases through diet and physical activity.


  4. What factors affect strength?Neural stimulation, type of muscle fiber, overload, and specificity of training


  5. Be familiar with the other behavior change theories1.5 mile run test, 1.0 mile walk test, step task, the Astrand - rhyming, and 12 min. swim test


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