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  1. monarchy
  2. archy
  3. theocracy
  4. technocracy
  5. archaeology
  1. a study of ancient cultures
  2. b a form government headed by a member of a royal family
  3. c government, to govern, chief, first, ancient
  4. d a government run by leaders of a religious group
  5. e a hypothetical form of government in which scientists, engineers, and other technical experts are in charge

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  1. a government ruled by one person with absolute power
  2. government, to govern, power
  3. the study of the supposed connection between the movement of planets and stars and human affairs
  4. a government whose leaders are selected on the basis of their ability; the most able (skillful, intelligent, wise...) hold the power
  5. a government by the people; a government where a large segment of the population gets to participate in decision making.

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  1. patriarchthe chief or oldest (most ancient) or most respected female in a family; woman who is regarded as the founder of something


  2. archenemygovernment, to govern, chief, first, ancient


  3. hierarchygovernment, to govern, chief, first, ancient


  4. astrostar


  5. disasterstar


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