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  1. God would establish this man's kingdom forwever, and his descendants would rule on the throne for eternity.
  2. David's son and the builder of the temple.
  3. This is were God put his new covenant.
  4. A promise between God and people, God sets the conditions and the people follow them.
  5. Old Testament followers would make this to atone for sin.

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  1. forgivenessThe sign that Noah had of the covenant God made with him.


  2. baptism and the Lord's SupperThis is the one time sacrifice that ended the need for burnt offerings done in the OT.


  3. 40The number of days it rained during the flood.


  4. personallyGod promised this man that he would never again destroy the whole Earth with a flood.


  5. AbrahamGod promsed this man that he would send a messiah, who would conquer Satan and sin.


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