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  1. LP
  2. myopia
  3. nursing intervention for a patient with IOP
  4. when ICP increases
  5. sympathetic nervous system
  1. a pulse, and respiration decrease, pulse pressure widens, projectile vomiting, and lethargy, LOC will decrease
  2. b near sightedness
  3. c physician inserts a needle and aspirates CSF for analysis; used to measure pressure in that area
  4. d make sure they don't lay on the operative side and not with the head down, no coughing or vomiting and we don't want the patient to shave because of the pulling or pressure to the area
  5. e referred to as fight and flight or adrenergic system due to adrenalin; causes BP elevation, HR elevation, pupil to dilate, blood goes to core (used for survival)

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  1. vigorous stimulation produces no response
  2. irregular corneal curvature
  3. trigeminal (sensory and motor) (face, eye surface, chewing)
  4. lacks ability to recognize place or person
  5. will have poor depth perception

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  1. conjunctivitisan infection or inflammation of the conjunctiva and can result from exposure to allergens or chemical irritant (careful hand washing and using individual or disposable towels helps prevent spreading the condition)


  2. medications ordered for ICPsteroids (inflammatory effect), diuretics (osmotic such as Mannitol), anticonvulsant (Dilantin or Barbituate) due to risk of seizures


  3. otitis media with effusioninflammation of the middle ear in which a collection of fluid is present in the middle ear space; fluid may be thin, mucoid, or purulent


  4. assessment of chronic glaucomapatient will have tunnel vision and halos, increased intraocular pressure of >22 mm, and dilated pupils


  5. CN Xtrigeminal (sensory and motor) (face, eye surface, chewing)


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