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  1. prior to CAT scan
  2. labyrinthitis
  3. CN III
  4. disoriented
  5. otitis media with effusion
  1. a inflammation of the inner ear and affects the cochlear and/or vestibular portion; infection can enter from the meninges, the middle ear, or the bloodstream
  2. b assess for iodine allergy because it works better with contrast or iodine (is an x-ray)
  3. c lacks ability to recognize place or person
  4. d inflammation of the middle ear in which a collection of fluid is present in the middle ear space; fluid may be thin, mucoid, or purulent
  5. e oculomotor (motor) (pupil constriction, upper eyelid, extraocular movement)

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  1. common chronic bilateral inflammation of the lid margins, the lids are red rimmed with many scales or crusts on the lid margins and lashes. Patient may complain of itching but may also experience burning, irritation and photophobia; conjunctivitis may occur simultaneously; caused by staph infection, gentle cleansing of the lid margins with baby shampoo can effectively soften and remove crusting
  2. retina is separated from blood supply of choroid layer; patient may see ok in 3/4 of vision, but in 1/4 patient says that they only see a black field; flashes of light, floating particles
  3. requires stimulation to arouse
  4. spinal accessory (motor) (sternomastoid and trapezius)
  5. facial (sensory and motor) (taste, facial movement

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  1. post LPphysician inserts a needle and aspirates CSF for analysis; used to measure pressure in that area


  2. LPphysician inserts a needle and aspirates CSF for analysis; used to measure pressure in that area


  3. nursing intervention for a patient with IOPprotect from injury, do not restrain, maintain airway, observe and record seizure, postictal phase (they sleep)


  4. Central Venous pressuremeningitis, encephalitis, Reye's, head injuries, epilepsy


  5. myringotomyringing in the ears


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