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  1. full consciousness
  2. prosthetic eye is
  3. otitis media with effusion
  4. carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (Diamox)
  5. a patient with chronic glaucoma
  1. a awake, alert, oriented, interacts with environment
  2. b will receive miotic drugs(Pilocarpine) to constrict the pupils and make it easier to drain the canal of Schlemm which allows the aqueous humor to drain
  3. c inflammation of the middle ear in which a collection of fluid is present in the middle ear space; fluid may be thin, mucoid, or purulent
  4. d decreases aqueous humor
  5. e cleaned with mild soap and water

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  1. auditory (sensory) (hearing, balance, (most frequently asked)
  2. lacks ability to think clearly and rapidly
  3. steroids (inflammatory effect), diuretics (osmotic such as Mannitol), anticonvulsant (Dilantin or Barbituate) due to risk of seizures
  4. glossopharyngeal (sensory and motor) (tongue, pharynx, swallowing)
  5. facial (sensory and motor) (taste, facial movement

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  1. Wet AMDmore severe form, the majority of patients with eyes affected become functionally blind; has a more rapid onset and is noted by the development of abnormal blood vessels in or near the macula.


  2. CN XIIhypoglossal (motor) tongue movement "tongue has the last word)


  3. obtundedsleeps and once aroused, has limited interaction with environment


  4. a patient with a hearing deficithas high frequency hearing loss, so speak clearly and distinctly, don't yell at them, and clean the hearing aid with soft cloth or soap and water


  5. CN IVtrochlear (motor) (downward, inward eye movement)


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