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  1. el cálculo
  2. el (la) director(a)
  3. la falta de...
  4. suspender
  5. No me parece que sea justo.
  1. a lack of
  2. b I don't think it's fair.
  3. c calculus
  4. d principal
  5. e to fail

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  1. ignorance
  2. reputation
  3. social sciences
  4. to combat
  5. to pass

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  1. Me choca la actitud de... hacia... ¡No aguanto más!I can't stand the atitude of... towards... I can't take it anymore!


  2. la impresión equivocadauniversity


  3. A mi parecer, no hay igualdad entre...The way I see it, there's no equality between...


  4. la geografíageography


  5. respetar a (alguien)to respect (someone)


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