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  1. Some believe jazz started in clubs on the south side of ______________. Others think it began in _________________________ with music that African Americans played during funeral marches.
  2. During the Roaring Twenties nearly every part of life in the U.S. changed, including the ______.
  3. Many people went to Harlem clubs to see dancers like ________________________ .
  4. Where was Harlem?
  5. Jazz was also influenced by blues music sung by African Americans such as ____________ ___________.
  1. a in northern Manhattan in New York City
  2. b Bill "Bojangles" Robinson
  3. c arts
  4. d Bessie Smith
  5. e Chicago, New Orleans

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  1. go to sporting events, play sports
  2. Duke Ellington
  3. city, buildings, crowds
  4. rebirth
  5. Georgia O'Keeffe, Edward Hopper, & Charles Burchfield

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  1. Two movies other than "The Jazz Singer" people enjoyed watching were ______________ and _______________.dances


  2. Movies with sound were called _________.a dance that had fast movements and high kicks


  3. Stylish women from the times were known as "______________".flappers


  4. Like radio, the movies began before the 1920's, but early movies were __________.silent


  5. Jazz was well liked by both black & ________ Americans.composers


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