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  1. Who were 2 of the decade's most popular composers (they were brothers)? They did not write jazz, but their music was influenced by jazz.
  2. Within 3 years after the 1st movie with voices, millions of people were going to "_______", or movies with sound,each WEEK.
  3. Name 2 of jazz's earliest performers.
  4. Music writers are known as __________.
  5. Many peoplr went to Harlem clubs to see band leaders like _______________________.
  1. a George & Ira Gershwin
  2. b talkies
  3. c composers
  4. d Duke Ellington
  5. e Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton

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  1. playing in which musicians create different melodies as they play
  2. dances
  3. Billie Holiday, Ethel Waters
  4. 600,13 million
  5. modern

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  1. People used ot enjoy ballroom dances, now they danced the


  2. Where was Harlem?a time of great interest and activity in the arts


  3. New types of writing developed in the 1920's. ____________ _________ was an example of this. He became famous for his PLAIN but VIVID writing style.sound


  4. Jazz was also influenced by blues music sung by African Americans such as ____________ ___________.Duke Ellington


  5. Both radios & movies brought a common ____________ to the people of the U.S..culture


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