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  1. Attendance at football ames, basketball games, & other competitions went _________ during the 1920's.
  2. What makes jazz unique?
  3. Both radios & movies brought a common ____________ to the people of the U.S..
  4. With radios, people could listen to _______ & ______. Radios also brought ___________ events from around the country into people's homes.
  5. By the end of the 1920's, more than _______ stations had joined KDKA on the air, and more than ____ __________ people in the U.S. owned RADIOS.
  1. a 600,13 million
  2. b improvised playing
  3. c up
  4. d culture
  5. e music, news, sporting

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  1. Duke Ellington
  2. "Babe" Ruth
  3. Jazz
  4. New Mexico, south-western
  5. music, shows

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  1. The election that was said to be broadcast on the radio was when Warren G. _________ won against James M. _______.Charleston


  2. What was the music of the 1920's?jazz


  3. It was DURING the 1920's that movies got _________.Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton


  4. Langston __________ was another popular Harlem writer who often wrote about what it was like to be African American in the Unitede States.Hughes


  5. Many heard histoy making events such as the moment Gene _________ won a 10 round boxing match against Jack ___________.Bill "Bojangles" Robinson


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