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  1. What was the music of the 1920's?
  2. With radios, people could listen to _______ & ______. Radios also brought ___________ events from around the country into people's homes.
  3. many of O'Keeffe's paintings show images of _________________________, _______________, & ______________.
  4. Jazz was so popular that the 1920's are sometimes referred to as the ________ ________.
  5. Describe the Charleston.
  1. a music, news, sporting
  2. b a dance that had fast movements and high kicks
  3. c jazz
  4. d Jazz Age
  5. e animal bones, flowers, deserts

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  1. Cohan
  2. George & Ira Gershwin
  3. flappers
  4. dances
  5. Harding, Cox

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  1. Until the 1920's, radios were used as __________ ____________. They enabled people to speak to one another over long distances.flappers


  2. renaissancea time of great interest and activity in the arts


  3. People flocked to theaters to see plays. Musical comedies such as those written by George M. __________ were very popular.Billie Holiday, Ethel Waters


  4. Many listened to the radio while slugger George Herman "______" _______ hit his 60th home run in 1927."Babe" Ruth


  5. ________ __________ was a painter who drew inspiration for her artwork from the different places where she lived.Georgia O'Keeffe


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