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  1. Who said "I've come from America" when they landed?
  2. Who said,"There are always new sounds to imagiine; new feelings to get at."?
  3. Who wrote the words & music for 20 musicals and starred in them as well?
  1. a George M. Cohan
  2. b Amelia Earhart
  3. c John Coltrane

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  1. George M. Cohan
  2. Charles Lindbergh
  3. Langston Hughes
  4. Al Capone
  5. Aaron Copland

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  1. Who used threats & violence to scare people away -wore white robes & hooded masksCharles Lindbergh


  2. Who was a band leader in the Harlem clubs?Duke Ellington


  3. Who was a dancer in the Harlem clubs?Duke Ellington


  4. Who was the 1st woman to fly alone across the Atlantic (1932)?Duke Ellington


  5. Who was a radio operator who soon saw other uses for radio?David Sarnoff


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