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  1. Who was the 1st woman to fly alone across the Atlantic (1932)?
  2. Who said,"There are always new sounds to imagiine; new feelings to get at."?
  3. Who was an architect who designed many of his buildings to blend the outdoors with the indoors?
  4. Who flew the "Spirit of St.Louis" ?
  1. a John Coltrane
  2. b Amelia Earhart
  3. c Charles Lindbergh
  4. d Frank Lloyd Wright

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  1. George M. Cohan
  2. Frank Lloyd Wright
  3. Charles Lindbergh
  4. Ernest Hemingway
  5. Frank Lloyd Wright

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  1. Who were the brothers who wrote many songs together (even though they didn't write jazz, their music was influenced by jazz)?F. Scott Fitzgerald & Sinclair Lewis


  2. Who was a composer known for his modern style - he used jazz in his "Music for the Theater" and "Piano Concerto"?Aaron Copland


  3. Who was one of the most famous gangsters/gang members?Louis Armstrong & Jelly Roll Morton


  4. Who was a dancer in the Harlem clubs?Bill "Bojangles" Robinison


  5. Who was a slugger that hit his 60th home run in 1927?George Herman "Babe" Ruth


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