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  1. The president will be paid for his services. The amount of payment cannot change whilst he is in office, and he cannot receive any other emoluments from the states
  2. Congress decides the time of choosing electors and the day to vote, and the day will be uniform
  3. The president must inform Congress on the state of the Union, may call extraordinary sessions or adjourn Congress if they can't agree and at a time he thinks is proper, receive foreign ambassadors, make sure the laws are faithfully executed, and commission the officers of the US
  4. Each state appoints electors, which is the number of senators and representative per state. No person holding office in US can be elector

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  1. 2-2-2The president can fill all vacancies during the Recess of the Senate by granting Commissions that expire at the end of the next sesh


  2. 2-1-5The president must take the Oath of Affirmation before entering office


  3. 2-1-6N/A, changed by 25th amendment


  4. 2-2-1The president is Commander in chief of the army, navy, and militia, He can require the principle officer in each of the executive departments to write their opinions- forms cabinet. Can grant reprieves/ pardons except for impeachment


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