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  1. Pylorus
  2. Gingivitis
  3. Colostomy (F)
  4. Gallstone (T)
  5. Nocturia
  1. a Hard deposit formed in the gallbladder and bile ducts due to the concretion of bile components
  2. b Surgical creation of an artificial excretory opening between the colon and the body surface
  3. c Narrow passage that connects the stomach with the small intestine.
  4. d Excessive urination during the night
  5. e Periodontal disease, and the inflammation affects only the gums

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  1. Eating disorder characterized by frequent episodes binge eating followed by compensatory
  2. gastric juices
  3. without
  4. excessive fluid in the body
  5. 1.5 inches long

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  1. GlomerulusA cluster of capillaries surrounded by a cup-shaped membrane called the Bowman's capsule


  2. -pexysurgical fixation


  3. BileWhich aids in the digestion of fats, is a digestive juice secreted by the liver


  4. Nephropyosissuppuration (formation or discharge of pus) of the kidney


  5. Neurogenic bladderPeripheral nervous system disorder affecting nerves anywhere except the brain or the spinal cord


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