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  1. Acute renal failure
  2. Urinary Meatus
  3. Urinary Sphincters (T)
  4. Sigmoid Colon
  5. Urethrostenosis
  1. a The external opening of the urethra
  2. b Narrowing of the urethra
  3. c Sudden onset and is characterized by uremia
  4. d One located at either end of the urethra, control the dlow of urine from the bladder
  5. e That continues from the descending colon above and joins with the rectum below

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  1. Radiographic study of these structures without the use of a contrast medium
  2. Inflammation of the kidney or kidneys
  3. Last and longest portion of the small intestine
  4. the twisting of the intestine on itself that causes and obstruction Usually occurs in infancy
  5. Surgical repair of a ureter

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  1. Bilegastric juices


  2. Malabsorption8 inches long


  3. Gallstone (T)Surgical connection between two hollow or tubular structures


  4. Neurogenic bladderCharacteristics of disease is hypertension and high cholesterol


  5. Interstitial cystitisChronic inflammation within the walls of the bladder


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