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  1. Bile
  2. Bruxism
  3. Pylorus
  4. uria
  5. -pexy
  1. a The involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth that usually occurs during sleep and is associated with tension or stress
  2. b Narrow passage that connects the stomach with the small intestine.
  3. c gastric juices
  4. d surgical fixation
  5. e urine

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  1. Surgical creation of an artificial excretory opening between the colon and the body surface
  2. Excessive urination during the night
  3. suppuration (formation or discharge of pus) of the kidney
  4. Is the ring-like muscle that controls the flow from the stomach to the duodenum of the small intestine.
  5. Surgical removal of a nephrolith (kidney stone) through an incision in the kidney

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  1. Bulimia NervosaEating disorder characterized by frequent episodes binge eating followed by compensatory


  2. Vesicovaginal fistulaAbnormal opening between the bladder and vagina that allows the constant flow of urine from the bladder into the vagina


  3. GingivitisInflammation of the urinary bladder that is localized in the region of the trigone


  4. Acute renal failurefunnel-shaped area within each kidney that is surrounded by renal cortex and medulla


  5. CholecystectomySurgical removal of the gallbladder


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