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  1. Death Valley
  2. Carlsbad Caverns
  3. Petrified Forest National Park
  4. About one fourth
  5. Chihuahua
  1. a What forest lies in the Painted Desert?
  2. b How much of the Sonaran Desert is below sea level?
  3. c This is located in California and is known to be the hottest and driest part of North America.
  4. d This is Mexico's largest state?
  5. e The world's most spectacular limestone caverns and they lie in part of the Chihuahuan Desert?

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  1. The ____________ ____________ lies between the Rocky Mountains to the east and the Pacific mountain chains to the west.
  2. This is the largest cactus in the world?
  3. This is noted for its extremely level salt beds that are as hard as cement?
  4. This is the most characteristic plant in the Great Basin Desert. It is a bushy plant with a sweet smell and a bitter taste.
  5. These sand in the Chihuahuan Deset are made almost entirely of ________, the mineral from which plaster of Paris is made?

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  1. Big RoomThe Grand Canyon is a _______cut almost straight down through the plateau.


  2. Great Salt LakeThis is noted for its extremely level salt beds that are as hard as cement?


  3. Chihuahuan DesertThis is Mexico's largest state?


  4. Havasupai IndiansNear the bottom of the Grand Canyon these Indians lived?


  5. mesasWhat are flat topped hills called?


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