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  1. Hells Canyon
  2. Navajo and Hopi Indians
  3. Sonoran Desert
  4. Chihuahuan Desert
  5. mesas
  1. a This desrt lies partly in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, but mostly in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.
  2. b What are flat topped hills called?
  3. c These Indians live in the Painted Desert and use the brightly colored sands to make their famous sand paintings.
  4. d This desert is in western Mexico, southern California, and Arizona.
  5. e The deepest canyon in the United States?

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  1. The Chihuahuan Desert is especailly known for?
  2. What forest lies in the Painted Desert?
  3. The desert is divided into five regions. What are they?
  4. Another name for the Havasupai Indians is?
  5. This desert is located in the South of the Great Basin Desert?

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  1. About one fourthHow much of the Sonaran Desert is below sea level?


  2. Intermountain RegionThe largest canyon in the world?


  3. sagebrushThese sand in the Chihuahuan Deset are made almost entirely of ________, the mineral from which plaster of Paris is made?


  4. 134 degrees FThis is the most characteristic plant in the Great Basin Desert. It is a bushy plant with a sweet smell and a bitter taste.


  5. ChihuahuaThe first white men to see this canyon were Spaniards exploring with ___________ and his expedition in 1540.


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