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  1. sagebrush
  2. saguaro cactus
  3. mesas
  4. 134 degrees F
  5. Southeastern Washington, most of eastern Oregon, and part of Idaho.
  1. a The highest temperature recorded int he US occurred in Death Valley in July 1913? What was the temperature?
  2. b This is the most characteristic plant in the Great Basin Desert. It is a bushy plant with a sweet smell and a bitter taste.
  3. c This is the largest cactus in the world?
  4. d Which areas are covered by the Columbia Plateau?
  5. e What are flat topped hills called?

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  1. The Great Basin __________ _________ lives longer than any other tree in the world.
  2. Near the bottom of the Grand Canyon these Indians lived?
  3. The largest desert area in the United States is?
  4. This desert is in western Mexico, southern California, and Arizona.
  5. This is the largest saltwater lake in North America and the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi River?

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  1. Painted DesertStretching for 200 miles along the Little Colorado River in the northeastern Arizona is this magnificent Desert?


  2. Columbia PlateauThe largest lava plateau in the world is?


  3. huge dunes of dazzling white sandsThe largest desert area in the United States is?


  4. gypsumThe Grand Canyon is a _______cut almost straight down through the plateau.


  5. About one fourthHow much of the Sonaran Desert is below sea level?


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