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  1. Great Basin Desert, the Colorado Plateau, the Mojave Desert, the Sonoran Desert, and the Chihuahuan Desert
  2. Methuselah
  3. Columbia Plateau
  4. Sonoran Desert
  5. gypsum
  1. a These sand in the Chihuahuan Deset are made almost entirely of ________, the mineral from which plaster of Paris is made?
  2. b This desert is in western Mexico, southern California, and Arizona.
  3. c The desert is divided into five regions. What are they?
  4. d This is the oldest known living tree. It is a bristle cone that is said to be over 4,700 years old.
  5. e The largest lava plateau in the world is?

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  1. This is Mexico's largest state?
  2. Intermountain means?
  3. The first white men to see this canyon were Spaniards exploring with ___________ and his expedition in 1540.
  4. This is noted for its extremely level salt beds that are as hard as cement?
  5. This is the largest and most colorful desert in the world. It is located in Arizona.

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  1. saguaro cactusThis is the largest cactus in the world?


  2. Southeastern Washington, most of eastern Oregon, and part of Idaho.This is the largest and most colorful desert in the world. It is located in Arizona.


  3. sagebrushThis is the most characteristic plant in the Great Basin Desert. It is a bushy plant with a sweet smell and a bitter taste.


  4. Intermountain RegionThe ____________ ____________ lies between the Rocky Mountains to the east and the Pacific mountain chains to the west.


  5. Navajo and Hopi IndiansNear the bottom of the Grand Canyon these Indians lived?


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