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  1. Hells Canyon
  2. Havasupai Indians
  3. saguaro cactus
  4. Big Room
  5. mesas
  1. a The Carlsbad Caverns covers area of about 70 square miles and houses the largest underground chamber in North America which is called the?
  2. b This is the largest cactus in the world?
  3. c The deepest canyon in the United States?
  4. d What are flat topped hills called?
  5. e Near the bottom of the Grand Canyon these Indians lived?

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  1. The Great Basin __________ _________ lives longer than any other tree in the world.
  2. This desert is in western Mexico, southern California, and Arizona.
  3. The Grand Canyon is a _______cut almost straight down through the plateau.
  4. Intermountain means?
  5. This desert is located in the South of the Great Basin Desert?

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  1. Great Salt Lake DesertThis is the largest saltwater lake in North America and the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi River?


  2. Navajo and Hopi IndiansThese Indians live in the Painted Desert and use the brightly colored sands to make their famous sand paintings.


  3. Columbia PlateauWhat river flows through the Grand Canyon?


  4. huge dunes of dazzling white sandsThe Chihuahuan Desert is especailly known for?


  5. 134 degrees FThis is the most characteristic plant in the Great Basin Desert. It is a bushy plant with a sweet smell and a bitter taste.


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