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  1. Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938.
  2. Medication Administration Record (MAR)
  3. NDC
  4. Medicare
  5. Food Drug and Cosmetic Act
  1. a a federal insurance program for persons over the age of 65 and qualified disabled or blind persons regardless of income
  2. b Federal law through which the Food and Drug Administration promulgates it's rules and regulations (FDCA)
  3. c The federal statute through which the FDA promulgates its rules and regulations. No new drug could be marketed unless it was proven safe for use.
  4. d National Drug Code Number is required on all o-t-c and prescription drug labels. 11 numbers. The first 5 id the manufacturer or distributor. The last 6 id the drug name package size and type of drug.
  5. e A record maintained by the nursing staff containing information about the patients medication and it's frequency of administration.

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  1. Promulgates rules and regulation and standards; inspects drug and food facilities to ensure public safety regarding drug products.
  2. amendment to the Federal hazardous act. It regulates certain household products to be in special packaging that makes it hard for children to open but easy for most adults (child resistant containers).
  3. Recognized standards that are similar to laws.
  4. A review of the patients medication profile by a pharmacist to screen for any drug problems prior to the drug being dispensed. (therapeutic duplications, drug-drug interactions, incorrect dosage, drug-allergy interactions, clinical abuse or misuse).
  5. The Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act, a federal law protecting the privacy of patient-specific health care information and providing the patient with control over how this information is used and distributed.

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  1. The Orange Booka federal insurance program for persons over the age of 65 and qualified disabled or blind persons regardless of income


  2. Drug Enforcement AgencyA federal agency established to implement the rules and regulations to enforce the Controlled Substances Act(CSA). To combat controlled substance abuse.


  3. State board of pharmacy.A voluntary prescription drug benefit to medicare.


  4. OBRAOccupational Safety and Health Administration (1970). Was created to decrease hazards in the work place.


  5. DEA-222Form required to order c-s I and II. Also need to transfer c-s I and II between pharmacies, and to returns to wholesaler or manufacturer. all DEA-222 come in triplicate.


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