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  1. Tact
  2. Mand
  3. Expressive
  4. Intraverbal
  5. Echoic
  1. a A skill in which the student uses their communication modality to engage in any of the verbal operants.
  2. b A teacher says, "What is your favorite thing to eat?" the student says "pizza."
  3. c Repeating a word, sound, pitch, syllable emphais, sentence, or phrase stated by the speaker.
  4. d A teacher holds up a picture of a dog and says, "what is this?" The student says "dog."
  5. e A request. Asking for something.

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  1. A teacher says, "twinkle, twinkle little ______" the student fills in the blank, "star."
  2. The teacher says, "Say, Cat" the student says, "Cat"
  3. The person who's behavior we typically identify in verbal behavior. Someone who engages in verbal behavior by emitting mands, tacts, intrverbals, etc.
  4. A label. Stating what something is based on seeing, hearing, smelling, touching it.
  5. A fill in the blank, or feature, function, or class. A conversational skill.

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  1. ListenerSomeone who provides reinforcement for verbal behavior. A listener may also serve as an audience evoking verbal behavior.


  2. Verbal BehaviorReceptive or Expressive? the teacher says, "tell me somethign you eat?" The student says, "Apple."


  3. ModalityThe type of system used by the speaker: vocal speech, sign, Picture exchange communication system...


  4. TactThe teacher holds a piece of candy in her hand. The student signs "candy" and the teacher gives the student the candy.


  5. MandThe teacher hands the student a PECS book and says, "what do you want?" the student takes the picture of their favorite stuffed animal and hands it to the teacher. The teacher gives the student the stuffed animal.


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