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  1. Plantiff
  2. Permissions
  3. Standard 3 (Security Rule)
  4. Privacy
  5. Protocol
  1. a the person bringing charges in a lawsuit
  2. b ise of firewalls, antivirus, software, encryption, password protection,k and other measures.
  3. c freedom from unauthorized intrusion
  4. d a code prescribing correct behavior in a specifric situation
  5. e reasons under HIPAA for disclosing patient information

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  1. specialists who consult with physicians, researchers, and others to help them make difficult ethical decisions regarding patient care
  2. a system of principles intended to govern behavior-here, the behavior of those entrusted with providing care to the sick
  3. A decision made by a court in a lawsuit in response to a motion that pleads there is no basis for a trial
  4. a federal law passed in 1996 to protect privacy and other health care rights for patients
  5. Standards of behavior considered to be good manners among members of a profession as they function as individuals in society

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  1. Treatment, payment, and health care operationsinformation that contains one or more patient identifiers that are used to identify an individual


  2. Unethical behaviormay be expelled from the group, suspended for a period of time, or ostracized by other members


  3. NPP - Notice of Privacy Practicesa written document detailing a health care provider's privacy practices


  4. FDAa federal agency within the Department of Health and Human Services that oversees drug quality and standardization and must approve drugs before they are released for public use


  5. Hippocratesa pledge for physicians, developed by the Greek physician Hippocrates circa 400 B.C.


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