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  1. point of view
  2. description
  3. onomatopoeia
  4. tone
  5. simile
  1. a Comparing one unlike thing to another to describe it.
  2. b words that describe what they sound like.
  3. c The kinds of writing that creates a clear image of something, usually by using details that appeal to one or more of our senses.
  4. d When a character sees something from their perspective.
  5. e The character's outlook on events.

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  1. A word or phrase that describes one thing in terms of something else that's different from it.
  2. Contrast between what is expected and what actually happens.
  3. Giving something human-like features.
  4. A great exaggeration.
  5. A short piece of writing usually told by the author.

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  1. dialogueSpeech between characters.


  2. end rhymeThe rhyme that occurs at the end of the rhyme.


  3. foreshadowingThe hero or usually main character of the story.


  4. short storyThe time and place where the story happens.


  5. allusionA figure of speech that refers to a well-known object or thing.


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