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  1. magisterium
  2. logos
  3. sin
  4. sacred tradition
  5. salvation history
  1. a from latin tradere meaning "to hand on"
  2. b any offense against god
  3. c churches living teaching office
  4. d god reveals his presence and saving actions
  5. e greek word meaning "word"

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  1. gods communication through divine plan
  2. Old testament books
  3. less serious sin
  4. summary statement
  5. visible way of humans understanding of god

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  1. deposit of faithserious relationship with god


  2. mortal sinless serious sin


  3. apostolic successionpassing of apostolic preaching to bishops


  4. primeval historygod reveals his presence and saving actions


  5. trinityfrom latin trinus meaning "threefold"


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