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  1. salvation history
  2. theophany
  3. original sin
  4. patriarch
  5. wisdom literature
  1. a father or leader of tribe,clan,tradition
  2. b Old testament books
  3. c from latin origo meaning "beginning"
  4. d god reveals his presence and saving actions
  5. e visible way of humans understanding of god

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  1. greek word meaning "word"
  2. summary statement
  3. the heritage of faith
  4. less serious sin
  5. person god chooses to speak his message of salvation

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  1. primeval historygod reveals his presence and saving actions


  2. mortal sinserious relationship with god


  3. dogmateaching reconized as central to church teaching


  4. sinfrom latin trinus meaning "threefold"


  5. magisteriumchurches living teaching office


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