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  1. Style of Writing
    (evidence of Markan Priority)
  2. John - Date
  3. "The Incident" Paradigm
  4. Matthew - Authorship
  5. 3 Hypotheses Concerning the Synoptic Problem
  1. a 1. Griesbach, Mtt first
    2. Holtzmann, two source
    3. Streeter, four source
  2. b -Mark's Greek is very awkward
    -Matthew & Luke fix/smooth it out
  3. c 90s
    -Liberals say Christology is too advanced and place it around 200
    -1920, P52 (fragment of a copy) discovered. dated 100-125
    in order for copies to exist, it had to come earlier.
  4. d Matthew is not a logical choice for an invented author
    Church Tradition: Papias - Matthew written in Aramaic
    Theory - an Aramaic testimonia book (M) became the basis of the Gospel along with Mk and Q.
  5. e The Golden Calf
    Religious Leaders point back to this event as the root of the Apostasy in the OT

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  1. The ending of Mark, 16:9-20
    -The Byzantine Text has these verses
    -The Alexandrian Text omitts
  2. ...
  3. Harmonies
    -combined Gospels into one, called a harmony
    -examples: Tatian's Diatessaron (c. 150), Augustine (400)
    -maintained Matthew came first, written in Hebrew
    -Mark is a Greek recension (reader's digest version)
  4. ...
  5. Jesus is a Joshua "type" and Joshua is a Jesus "type"
    Yeshua (Joshua) in Hebrew is transliterated Jesus in Greek
    means "Ywh is Salvation"

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  1. Griesbach Hypothesis


  2. Pericope-Late 50s or very early 60s
    -precedes Lk and Acts
    -Acts probably written before Paul's death (64) in 63, so Mk must come before this.


  3. Mark's Agenda-Late 50s or very early 60s
    -precedes Lk and Acts
    -Acts probably written before Paul's death (64) in 63, so Mk must come before this.


  4. John - AudienceJohannine Community (disciples and followers of John)
    -Christians under Domitian persecution
    -isolated community, still a part of synagogue life, facing temptation to turn b/c of Jewish pressure under persec.


  5. Mark - Date-fits a Roman mindset (give us the story, not the extra details)
    1) historic present tense
    2) participle pile up - lots of "ing"
    3) εὐθὐς - "immediately" used as a fill word
    4) Abruptness - not concerned with the birth of Christ, in the first 13 verses: OT foundations, John the Baptist, Jesus, Jesus' baptism, Jesus sent to the wilderness/temptation and the beginning of ministry


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