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  1. The Gospel of Peter
  2. Exile Paradigm
  3. Exodus Paradigm
  4. Literal/Formal Translation
  5. Matthew - Structure and Focus
  1. a Testimonia theory.
    Moses motif: -monarch killing babies -Egypt -wilderness -40 -giving law from the mountain -12 tribes, 12 disciples -feeding the 5000, manna in the wilderness
    A five book structure, reflects Pentateuch
  2. b -non-canonical, 2nd c gnostic, pseudepigraph
    -docetic depiction of the crucifixion
    -9th c. copy found in a monk's coffin
    -Oxyrhynncus fragments: 2nd or 3rd c.
  3. c collapse of the Kingdom
  4. d "word for word"
    -ich gehe nach Hause -> i go to house -> I'm going home
    -ex: NASB
    -danger: can fail to make clear
  5. e Moses: an agent of redemption

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  1. physical, historical
    Clement's comment on the Synoptic Gospels
  2. 1. Literal/Formal
    2. Free/Paraphrase
    3. Dynamic Equivalence
  3. God's care and protection
  4. 1. Our ability to understand the meaning of ancient languages
    2. The way we use our own language
    3. NOT because the original meaning has changed!
  5. 1) vs 8 is simply the end
    2) the book was never finished, something happened to prevent the ending from being written
    3) the Resurrection account was planned for a second volume following Luke-Acts pattern (little evidence for this)
    4) the ending was lost
    5) the resurrection account was already widely known and circulated (the weakest argument)

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  1. Holtzmann Hypothesis1863


  2. Luke - StructureCh 1:1-18 - Prologue
    Ch 1 - 12 - Book of Signs, exactly seven signs/miracles
    Ch 13 - 20 - Book of Glory, the passion
    Ch 21 - Epilogue


  3. Curiosity of Sequence
    (evidence of Markan Priority)
    -Mark's Greek is very awkward
    -Matthew & Luke fix/smooth it out


  4. Dynamic Equivalence Translation"middle of the road"
    -a smoothing out of translation AND meaning
    -not afraid to move away from the literal in order to make clear
    -ex: NIV
    -danger: faces all four issue of translation


  5. Early Church approach to the Synoptic ProblemHarmonies
    -combined Gospels into one, called a harmony
    -examples: Tatian's Diatessaron (c. 150), Augustine (400)
    -maintained Matthew came first, written in Hebrew
    -Mark is a Greek recension (reader's digest version)


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