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  1. Free/Paraphrase Translation
  2. Holtzmann Hypothesis
  3. Summary of Translation
  4. Three Themes of Luke
  5. Pericope
  1. a 1863
  2. b -somethings just need teaching (OT sacrificial system)
    -having one good translation of each approach is the way to go
  3. c 1) The role of the Holy Spirit in Luke/Acts - fits Lk's goal to demonstrate gentile acceptance. Sets this up throughout Gospel
    2) Jesus as the Son of God - birth announcement (to Mary), spiritual conception, the Baptism, see also Jesus - Adam Typology
    3) The Jubilee Connection - a year of Jubilee close to the beginning of Jesus' ministry. The claim of fulfilling Isaiah 61
  4. d a section of text that holds together
    often related to genre
  5. e "meaning"
    -if scripture was written in "street Greek" shouldn't we translate it into "street English?"
    -often group focused (e.g. Cotton Patch Gospel)
    -becomes very dated very fast
    -not developed by a committee, often just one person
    -ex: The Message
    -danger: Translator's agenda; can add, leave out or distort

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  1. 1) vs 8 is simply the end
    2) the book was never finished, something happened to prevent the ending from being written
    3) the Resurrection account was planned for a second volume following Luke-Acts pattern (little evidence for this)
    4) the ending was lost
    5) the resurrection account was already widely known and circulated (the weakest argument)
  2. collapse of the Kingdom
  3. Harmonies
    -combined Gospels into one, called a harmony
    -examples: Tatian's Diatessaron (c. 150), Augustine (400)
    -maintained Matthew came first, written in Hebrew
    -Mark is a Greek recension (reader's digest version)
  4. 1 c. document for sure.
    Question: before or after 70 (temple destruction)?
    Liberal need the date to fall after 70 AD so Matt. put Jesus' temple prediction in his mouth
    Conservatives don't care
  5. promised descendants
    will be a blessing to the nations
    promised Land

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  1. πνεγματικαspiritual
    Clement's comment on John


  2. Why do we have new translations?1. Our ability to understand the meaning of ancient languages
    2. The way we use our own language
    3. NOT because the original meaning has changed!


  3. Streeter's Hypothesis1863


  4. Kingly Tradition ParadigmDavid, 'nuf said


  5. John's Relation to the Synoptic Gospels
    (three theories)


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