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  1. Mark - Date
  2. Mark's Agenda
  3. The Gospel of Thomas
  4. Holtzmann Hypothesis
  5. Jewish Expectation (and speculation) of Messiah
  1. a -Late 50s or very early 60s
    -precedes Lk and Acts
    -Acts probably written before Paul's death (64) in 63, so Mk must come before this.
  2. b -to answer the question "Who is He?"
    -Mark is claiming Jesus is the Son of God, despite the cross
  3. c -non-canonical, 2nd c gnostic, pseudepigraph
    -alludes to and quotes NT
    -includes stories/quotes of Jesus which may have actually happened
    -Nag Hammadi: 350 AD. Coptic copy with 114 sayings of Jesus, found in 1945
    -Oxyrhynncus: 2nd or 3rd c. Fragments with 32 sayings, found in 1904, published 1970s
  4. d 1863
  5. e ...

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  1. Often incomplete, easily misunderstood & embarrassing. Mtt and Luke smooth it out.
    ex: Jesus calming the storm
  2. Centers on 2 questions
    1) Who is the "beloved disciple?" a literary device?
    -many scholars accept that he is the author. we know:
    -named John, not necessarily the Apostle
    -a teen of a High Priestly family
    2) Who is the author?
    -John the Apostle
    -a John, not the Apostle
    -Johannine Community (see Audience)
  3. The ending of Mark, 16:9-20
    -The Byzantine Text has these verses
    -The Alexandrian Text omitts
  4. Jesus is a Joshua "type" and Joshua is a Jesus "type"
    Yeshua (Joshua) in Hebrew is transliterated Jesus in Greek
    means "Ywh is Salvation"
  5. The Golden Calf
    Religious Leaders point back to this event as the root of the Apostasy in the OT

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  1. Mark - AuthorshipChurch Tradition
    From Scripture we know:
    -A gentile doctor (Col 4:11,14) of what is unknown
    -with Paul at the end of his life (II Tim 4:11)
    -may have traveled with Paul (changes from "they" to "we" in Acts)
    -direct access to Mary, her children or someone close to her
    Theophilus - a real person or literary device (name lit. means "friend of God"). if real, a patron of Luke


  2. Streeter's Hypothesis1863


  3. Mark - StructureThree themes woven together throughout the book
    "L" Material of the Infancy Narrative:
    -Mtt writes about scripture fulfilled, Lk writes like he's continuing scripture
    -canticles (Mary's Magnificat = Hannah's Song in I Sam)
    -Samuel parallels


  4. Luke - Style-fits a Roman mindset (give us the story, not the extra details)
    1) historic present tense
    2) participle pile up - lots of "ing"
    3) εὐθὐς - "immediately" used as a fill word
    4) Abruptness - not concerned with the birth of Christ, in the first 13 verses: OT foundations, John the Baptist, Jesus, Jesus' baptism, Jesus sent to the wilderness/temptation and the beginning of ministry


  5. Matthew - AuthorshipMatthew is not a logical choice for an invented author
    Church Tradition: Papias - Matthew written in Aramaic
    Theory - an Aramaic testimonia book (M) became the basis of the Gospel along with Mk and Q.


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