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  1. Places that brought together workers and machines to produce large quantities of goods
  2. a loom operated mechanically, run by water putting the loom side by side wit hthe spinning machines in factories, changed workers job from running it to watching it, Invented in 1787, invented by Edward Cartwright , it speeded up the production of textiles
  3. the social process whereby cities grow and societies become more urban
  4. new invention for weaving-enabled the weaver to throw the shuttle back and forth between the threads with one hand (replaced the loom)
  5. Process of industrial development in which countries evolve economically, from producing basic, primary goods to using modern factories for mass-producing goods. At the highest levels of development, national economies are geared mainly toward the delivery of services and exchange of information.
  6. Visited England and returned to the US to open a mill in Mass. that brought spining and weaving in one building in a town named after him

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  1. Spinning Jennya machine that separates the seeds from raw cotton fibers


  2. Samuel Slatera boat propelled by a steam engine


  3. Cottage industrysmall-scale industry that can be carried on at home by family members using their own equipment


  4. Railroadline that is the commercial organization responsible for operating a railway system


  5. EnclosuresPlaces that brought together workers and machines to produce large quantities of goods


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