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  1. intern
  2. gavel
  3. confetti
  4. bristle
  5. intercede
  1. a a junior doctor resident in a hospital
  2. b to react in an angry or offended manner
  3. c a small mallet used by a presiding officer or a judge
  4. d to act as mediator in a dispute
  5. e small pieces or streakers of colored paper that are thrown around on festive occasions

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  1. someone skilled in the transcription of speech
  2. a legal declaration of how a person wishes his or her possessions to be disposed of after death
  3. a man who is engaged to be married
  4. to treat (a corpse) with preservatives in order to prevent decay
  5. a public official who investigates by examination, any death not due to natural causes

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  1. unseeinga junior doctor resident in a hospital


  2. scoffto mock at or treat with scorn


  3. poreto read or study carefully and attentively


  4. mullto go over deeply in the mind; ponder


  5. tenantto improve in health or condition ; heal


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