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  1. model, theoretical framework, the generally accepted perspective of a particular discipline at a given time. "he framed the problem within the psychoanalytic ****"
    , (n.) an example that is a perfect pattern or model (Because the new SUV was so popular, it became the *** upon which all others were modeled.)
  2. not questionable, not doubtable, ADJ. /攻不破的/not subject to question; not open to attack. Penelope's virtue was ***; while she waited for her husband to come back from the war, no other man had a chance.
    without flaws or loopholes ADJECTIVE
    EX. "an ironclad contract"; "a watertight alibi"; "a bulletproof argument"
    able to withstand attack ADJECTIVE
    EX. "an impregnable fortress"; "fortifications that made the frontier inviolable"
  3. fend off, dodge, ward off a blow; deflect; Ex. He *** the unwelcome question very skillfully; N. CF. ¸·´Â´Ù´Â °³³äÀÌ ¾Æ´Ô
  4. difference, disagreement, an activity that varies from a norm or standardany variation in his routine was immediately reported"
  5. The minimum number of members who must be present to permit a legislative body to take official action, such a number of the officers or members of any body as is legally competent to transact business., N. /法定人数/number of members necessary to conduct a meeting. The senator asked for a roll call to determine whether a **** was present.
  6. chatter, talk meaninglessly, V. /空谈/speak foolishly; boast idly. Let us not **** about our good qualities; rather, let our virtues speak for them¬selves.

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  1. disingenuousseemingly honest while not being so, ADJ. /不诚恳的/lacking genuine candor; insincere. Now that we know the mayor and his wife are engaged in a bitter divorce fight, we find their earlier remarks regretting their lack of time together remarkably *****.


  2. impalpableacquire through sneakiness, influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering, deceive; lead astray by deception; wheedle(cajole); Ex. **** her into joining the club; CF. interest dishonestly


  3. transcendentalhappy, prosperous, "a golden era"; "the **** days of the clipper trade", idyllically calm and peaceful


  4. chauvinistextreme patriot, one who believes one group is superior to another, one having a fanatical devotion to a country, gender, or religion, with contempt for other countries, the opposite sex, or other beliefs


  5. Euphoniousirregular, unusual, deviating from the general or common order or advanced forms of life may be ** in the universe", ADJ. /不正常的,变态的/abnormal; irregular. He was placed in the *** position of seeming to approve procedures which he despised.


  6. reprobatechatter, talk meaninglessly, V. /空谈/speak foolishly; boast idly. Let us not **** about our good qualities; rather, let our virtues speak for them¬selves.


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