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  1. Basilica
  2. Exedrae (Exedra)
  3. Nave
  4. Contrapposto
  5. Clerestory
  1. a Large central area
  2. b A large rectangular building
  3. c
    A graceful arrangement of the body based on tilted shoulders and hips and bent knees
  4. d
    An upper nave wall with windows
  5. e
    Semicircle niches

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  1. A sculpture depicting a head, neck, and upper chest of a figure

  2. Rows of columns

  3. A frame for a hieroglyphic inscription formed by a rope design surrounding an oval
  4. Lower part of a wall

  5. Seven-branced lampholder from the temple of Jerusalem

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  1. Oculus
    In architecture, a circular opening


  2. RoundelsCircular panel


  3. ArcadesSeries of arches


  4. Intuitive perspectiveA method of giving the impression of recession by visual instinct, not by the use of an overall system or program


  5. EmblemataIn a mosaic, the elaborate central motif on a floor, usually a self-contained unit done in a more refined manner, with smaller tesserae of both marble and semiprecious stones


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