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  1. Tetrarchy
  2. Dado
  3. Cartouches
  4. Exedrae (Exedra)
  5. Meander
  1. a
    Semicircle niches
  2. b
    A continuous rectangular scroll often used as a decorative border
  3. c
    A frame for a hieroglyphic inscription formed by a rope design surrounding an oval
  4. d Lower part of a wall
  5. e
    Four-man rule, as in the late Roman Empire, when four emperors shared power

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  1. An overground water system
  2. A planted interior court enclosed by columns
  3. Series of arches

  4. In architecture, a circular opening

  5. A recessed decorative panel that is used to reduce the weight of and to decorate ceilings or vaults

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  1. ColonnadesSeries of arches


  2. Diptych
    A pair of panels attached with hinges


  3. Contrapposto
    A large semicircle or polygonal (and usually vaulted) niche protruding from the end wall of a building


  4. ClerestoryA planted interior court enclosed by columns


  5. Menorah
    Seven-branced lampholder from the temple of Jerusalem


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