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  1. drivel
  2. exhort
  3. infringe
  4. callow
  5. occult
  1. a SYNONYM of balderdash, hogwash, tommyrot

    (HINT: if the synonym given sounds funny and it doesn't sound like a verb, it's for this word)

    SYNONYM of slaver
  2. b ADJECTIVE: without experience; immature; not fully developed; lacking sophistication and poise; without feathers; NEGATIVE CONNOTATION
  3. c VERB: to hide, conceal, eclipse
  4. d SYNONYM of poach
  5. e SYNONYM of implore

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  1. SYNONYM of tresspasser
  2. The Internet makes it possible for misinformation to _________ the average public's knowledge.
  3. SYNONYM of encroach
  4. SYNONYM of self-possession and levelheadedness
  5. ANTONYM of acclaim

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  1. stringentA martinet is a ______ person.


  2. ingratiateVERB: to violate, trespass, go beyond recognized bounds


  3. ex officioSYNONYM of adjure


  4. inveighSYNONYM of fulminate


  5. bombasticSYNONYM of highfalutin and high-flown


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