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  1. callow
  2. drivel
  3. ex officio
  4. permeate
  5. inveigh
  1. a SYNONYM of harangue and remonstrate and rail
  2. b ANTONYM of polished, grown-up
  3. c VERB: to let saliva flow from the mouth
  4. d Foolish voters! They thought I'd just become the Supreme Dictator, but now I'm also the ________ Minister of Platypuses.
  5. e VERB: to spread through, penetrate, soak through

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  1. VERB: to make a violent attack in words, express strong disapproval
  2. SYNONYM of poach
  3. NOUN: a summary, condensed account
  4. SYNONYM of prosperity and peace
  5. Most columns in the paper described Herman Cain's speeches as "foolish, nonsensical ______. Does he really think that a 9-9-9 plan will work?"

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  1. bombasticThe Internet makes it possible for misinformation to _________ the average public's knowledge.


  2. drivelVERB: to think or believe without certain supporting evidence; to conjecture or guess


  3. epitomeSYNONYM of abstract (like the thing at the beginning of university papers)


  4. intrinsicANTONYM of outward


  5. epitomeYou really had your stuff together. You handled everything with ______.


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