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  1. ingratiate
  2. occult
  3. surmise
  4. inveigh
  5. intrinsic
  1. a VERB: to hide, conceal, eclipse
  2. b ANTONYM of mortify oneself
  3. c SYNONYM of harangue and remonstrate and rail
  4. d ANTONYM of outward
  5. e While Mr. Henderson's Flying Spaghetti Monster model of increase in average height certainly checks out, it lacks definite evidence and is just ______d.

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  1. ANTONYM of energy
  2. NOUN: a summary, condensed account
  3. SYNONYM of fulminate
  4. OPPOSITE of not directly elected/gained
  5. Most columns in the paper described Herman Cain's speeches as "foolish, nonsensical ______. Does he really think that a 9-9-9 plan will work?"

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  1. precipitateANTONYM of wary, cautious, circumspect


  2. callowa 12-year-old on the Internet can usually be described by this word


  3. inveighVERB: to make a violent attack in words, express strong disapproval


  4. infringeSYNONYM of encroach


  5. drivelNOUN: foolish, aimless talk or thinking


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