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  1. stringent
  2. infringe
  3. occult
  1. a VERB: to hide, conceal, eclipse
  2. b SYNONYM of imperative
  3. c SYNONYM of encroach

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  1. By virtue of being the Dear Leader, Kim Jong-Il is also the ________ Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Best Korea.
  2. overBLOWN
  3. SYNONYM of immanent
  4. SYNONYM of implore
  5. ANTONYM of stay in bounds

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  1. precipitateVERB: to improve, make better, correct a flaw or shortcoming; POSITIVE CONNOTATION


  2. ingratiateDue to his efforts to __________ himself to the staff, he's now being called an obsequious suck-up.


  3. permeateTo soak like rain


  4. interloperSYNONYM of buttinsky


  5. intrinsicANTONYM of outward


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