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  1. occult
  2. exhort
  3. drivel
  4. permeate
  5. aplomb
  1. a SYNONYM of self-possession and levelheadedness
  2. b NOUN: saliva or mucus flowing from the mouth or nose
  3. c ADJECTIVE: mysterious, magical, supernatural; secret, hidden from view; not detectable by ordinary means
  4. d Within six days, the Occupy Wall Street protests had ______d reddit.
  5. e SYNONYM of implore

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  1. SYNONYM of balderdash, hogwash, tommyrot

    (HINT: if the synonym given sounds funny and it doesn't sound like a verb, it's for this word)

    SYNONYM of slaver
  2. SYNONYM of curry favor with
  3. SYNONYM of adjure
  4. ANTONYM of humiliate oneself
  5. An adviser does this

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  1. surmiseSYNONYM of infer


  2. ameliorateNOUN: moisture; the product of an action or process


  3. callowADJECTIVE: without experience; immature; not fully developed; lacking sophistication and poise; without feathers; NEGATIVE CONNOTATION


  4. intrinsicSYNONYM of encroach


  5. lassitudeNOUN: a summary, condensed account


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