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  1. Who is the father of the American Gothic story?
  2. Him and his brother began publishing an anonymous magazine which carried many sketches and essays about New York society?
  3. Who began writing as a bet with his wife?
  4. Who established an American literary tradition?
  1. a Poe
  2. b Bryant
  3. c Irving
  4. d Cooper

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  1. Bryant
  2. Irving
  3. Irving
  4. Irving
  5. Cooper

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  1. Who was known for the first folktales?Cooper


  2. Who was the first poet to win worldwide critical acclaim?Bryant


  3. After his death he was regarded as America's first social critic and first writer to explore enduring themes?Bryant


  4. Who was a journalist and political activist?Bryant


  5. Who was accused of plagiarism?Bryant


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