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  1. Hematoma
  2. Compact bone
  3. Depressed fracture
  4. Osteoblasts
  5. Endosteum
  1. a Membrane that lines the inner surface of long bones
  2. b Fracture of the skull where the bone is pushed in
  3. c Bone-forming cells
  4. d Hard, dense bone tissue that is beneath the outer membrane of a bone
  5. e Collection of blood under the skin

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  1. Bone-destroying cells
  2. Fracture in which the bone is splintered or crushed
  3. Thin membrane that covers a bone
  4. The shaft of a long bone
  5. Most common type of cartilage; found on the ribs and the ends of long bones and joints

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  1. Spongy boneLayer of bone tissue having many small spaces and found just inside the layer of compact bone.


  2. EpiphysisThe shaft of a long bone


  3. Elastic cartilageStretchy cartilage; found in the inner ear and epiglottis


  4. HematopoiesisCollection of blood under the skin


  5. Axial skeletonThe part of the skeleton that includes the skull, spinal column, sternum, and ribs


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