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  1. brahman
  2. brahma
  3. samkhya
  4. upanishads
  5. karma
  1. a divine justice, what comes around goes around
  2. b ultimate, absolute total realisty, God
  3. c oldest,nature and soul,beginning of things
  4. d important text, set up principle of reincarnation
  5. e birth and creation

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  1. 1-hatha
  2. devotion to god, offerings
  3. nukhagni and shradda
  4. schools
  5. logical thinking, mediatation

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  1. yogaone of the schools of philosophy


  2. rama navamiknowledge,studying


  3. 5 stages for marriage1-verbal contract
    2-giving away of the bride
    3-welcoming ceremony
    5-walking rite


  4. tilakahorizontal forehead


  5. Diwalaoctober,celebration fire and lights


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