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  1. _____ describes this muscle tissues functions
  2. these connect muscle to bone
  3. to increase the surface area fro absorption, columnar cells, in the small intestine have
  4. these glands have to be divided into 2 major groups
  5. this item sweeps materials across the free edge of the cell surface
  1. a multicellular glands
  2. b tendons
  3. c cilia
  4. d voluntary
  5. e microvilli

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  1. fibroblasts
  2. cells
  3. hemopoietic tissue
  4. RBC'S
  5. simple cuboidal epithelium

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  1. blood cells are produced from stem cells in the red bone marrow, the bodys primary ______epithelial tissue


  2. sweat glands secrete sweat that is transported through ducts to the skin surface where it can be evaporated by excess body heat this is an example of whatexocrine glands


  3. this is found on the joint surfaces of bones and its smooth surface helps prevent frictioncartilage


  4. these specialized cells called _______ form the myelin sheath to electrically insulate the neuronsRBC'S


  5. this means on the outsideline


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