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A&P Chapter 4 Test

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  1. heat producing tissue in which the cells rapidly break down glucose or fat in cell respiration
  2. these blood cells carry oxygen bonded to the iron in their hemoglobin
  3. sweat glands secrete sweat that is transported through ducts to the skin surface where it can be evaporated by excess body heat this is an example of what
  4. to increase the surface area fro absorption, columnar cells, in the small intestine have
  5. this tissue is found in the flat and irregular bones such as the hip bone and the vertebrae
  1. a exocrine glands
  2. b RBC'S
  3. c microvilli
  4. d hemopoietic tissue
  5. e thermogenic

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  1. ciliated epithelium, cilia
  2. simple squamous epithelium
  3. transitional epithelium
  4. stratified
  5. serous

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  1. cardiac muscle is found inthe heart only


  2. these connect muscle to bonetendons


  3. this muscle as a whole is called myocardiumline


  4. these produce protein fibersline


  5. in the stomach and intestines this muscle contracts in waves called peristalsis to propel food through the digestive tractmucous


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