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A&P Chapter 4 Test

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  1. this muscle as a whole is called myocardium
  2. the _____ of adipose tissue are specialized to store fat in microscopic droplets
  3. this is a appetite suppressing hormone secreted by adipocytes to signal the hypothalamus in the brain that fat storage is sufficient
  4. these membranes line the body tracts that have openings to the environment
  5. ________tissues make up the _____ that are attached to the bone
  1. a cardiac
  2. b mucous
  3. c leptin
  4. d skeletal muscle , muscles
  5. e adipocytes

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  1. voluntary, striated, or skeletal muscle tissue
  2. peritoneum
  3. cells, plasma
  4. smooth
  5. multicellular glands

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  1. this is a structural network or solution of non-living inter-cellular materialplasma


  2. this tissue has a relative poor blood supply and makes repair a slow processfibrous connective tissue


  3. in the respiratory tract the ____ traps dust and bacteria which are then swept away to the pharynx by ciliated epitheliummucus


  4. the urinary bladder is lined with this celltransitional epithelium


  5. these specialized cells called _______ form the myelin sheath to electrically insulate the neuronsmeninges


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