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  1. these fibers are very strong
  2. the tissue in the wall of the trachea that keeps it open is
  3. these cells consist of many layers of mostly flat cells, the lower cells are rounded though
  4. the membrane that lines a joint cavity and produces fluid is the _____ membrane
  1. a synovial
  2. b cartilage
  3. c stratified squamous epithelium
  4. d collagen

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  1. calcium salts, and collagen
  2. meninges
  3. endocrine glands
  4. adipocytes
  5. neurotransmitters

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  1. the _____sweeps mucus with trapped dust and bacteria from the inhaled air, toward the pharnyx to be swallowedcilia


  2. blood cells are produced from stem cells in the red bone marrow, the bodys primary ______hemopoietic tissue


  3. the stomach lining is made up of _______ that secretes gastric juice for digestioncartilage


  4. this fluid prevent friction between them as lungs expand and recoil during breathingserous


  5. this is found on the joint surfaces of bones and its smooth surface helps prevent frictioncartilage


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