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  1. the parietal _______ lines the fibrous pericardium a connective tissue membrane
  2. the _____ or visceral peritoneum is folded over and covers the abdominal walls
  3. intercalated discs in this muscle permit the electrical impulses of muscle contraction to pass swiftly from cell to cell
  4. _____ describes this muscle tissues appearance
  5. impulse transmission depends on chemicals called this
  1. a striated
  2. b mesentery
  3. c cardiac
  4. d neurotransmitters
  5. e pericardium

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  1. cells
  2. fibroblasts
  3. tissue
  4. WBC'S
  5. microvilli

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  1. this carries impulses away from the cell body and a neuron only has one of thesedendrites


  2. _____ describes this muscle tissues functionsfeeling and interpreting sensation, initiation of movement, the rapid regulation of body functions such as heart rate and breathing, organization of information for learning and memory


  3. the brain and spinal cord make up this systemtransport materials within the body


  4. blood consists ofcells, plasma


  5. the water of plasma contains whatconnective tissue


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