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  1. these fibers are very strong
  2. in the stomach and intestines this muscle contracts in waves called peristalsis to propel food through the digestive tract
  3. the cells in the matrix of the cartilage are nourished by the process of what hint there are no capillaries there
  4. bone cells are called
  5. the unicellular glands secrete mucus in the respiratory tract are
  1. a diffusion
  2. b smooth
  3. c goblet cells
  4. d collagen
  5. e osteocytes

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  1. stratified squamous epithelium
  2. cuboidal cells
  3. areolar
  4. cartilage
  5. adipose tissue

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  1. this means in the insideline


  2. salivary glands secrete saliva that is carried by ducts to the oral cavity this is an example of whatexocrine glands


  3. this tissue has a relative poor blood supply and makes repair a slow processelastic connective tissue


  4. the _____ pleura covers the lungscolumnar cells


  5. cardiac muscle is found inconnective tissue


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