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  1. these specialized cells called _______ form the myelin sheath to electrically insulate the neurons
  2. the parietal _______ lines the fibrous pericardium a connective tissue membrane
  3. goblet cells secrete _____ and are found in the lining of the intestines and the lining of parts of the respiratory tract such as the trachea
  4. the _______ pericardium is on the surface of the heart muscle
  5. intercalated discs in this muscle permit the electrical impulses of muscle contraction to pass swiftly from cell to cell
  1. a visceral
  2. b pericardium
  3. c Schwann cells
  4. d mucus
  5. e cardiac

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  1. parietal pleura
  2. epithelial
  3. pleural
  4. platelets
  5. thermogenic

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  1. the cells in the matrix of the cartilage are nourished by the process of what hint there are no capillaries therediffusion


  2. these cells are capable of secretion and may be called glandsadipocytes


  3. the unicellular glands secrete mucus in the respiratory tract areserous


  4. in the respiratory tract the ____ traps dust and bacteria which are then swept away to the pharynx by ciliated epitheliummucus


  5. this tissue has a relative poor blood supply and makes repair a slow processfibrous connective tissue


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