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  1. goblet cells secrete _____ and are found in the lining of the intestines and the lining of parts of the respiratory tract such as the trachea
  2. this tissue has a relative poor blood supply and makes repair a slow process
  3. _____ describes this muscle tissues functions
  4. the membrane that lines the digestive tract is
  5. a group of cells with a similar structure and function is called a
  1. a fibrous connective tissue
  2. b tissue
  3. c mucus
  4. d mucous
  5. e voluntary

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  1. stratified squamous epithelium
  2. collagen
  3. elastic connective tissue
  4. mucus
  5. transitional epithelium

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  1. an endocrine gland hasendocrine glands


  2. the space between two neurons where a neurotransmitter carries the impulse is called a whatparietal pleura


  3. in the stomach and intestines this muscle contracts in waves called peristalsis to propel food through the digestive tractsmooth


  4. these cells consist of many layers of mostly flat cells, the lower cells are rounded thoughstratified squamous epithelium


  5. these processes carry impulses toward the cell body, a neuron may have several of theseRBC'S


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