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  1. this tissue is found in the flat and irregular bones such as the hip bone and the vertebrae
  2. these specialized cells called _______ form the myelin sheath to electrically insulate the neurons
  3. in all of it's body locations this tissue is a barrier to microorganisms because the cells of which it are made are very close together
  4. the _____ pleura covers the lungs
  5. the type of connective tissue with a liquid matrix called plasma is
  1. a blood
  2. b hemopoietic tissue
  3. c Schwann cells
  4. d visceral
  5. e stratified squamous epithelium

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  1. fibrous connective tissue
  2. adipose tissue
  3. cartilage
  4. 38-48%
  5. thermogenic

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  1. the type of muscle tissue that provides peristalsis in the intestines isskeletal


  2. these membranes line the body tracts that have openings to the environmentcilia


  3. the functions of nerve tissue arefeeling and interpreting sensation, initiation of movement, the rapid regulation of body functions such as heart rate and breathing, organization of information for learning and memory


  4. the tissue that is thin enough to form capillaries and permit exchange of materials ismulticellular glands


  5. these cells consist of many layers of mostly flat cells, the lower cells are rounded thoughstratified squamous epithelium


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