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  1. this is a unicellular gland
  2. flat cells are called
  3. the space between two neurons where a neurotransmitter carries the impulse is called a what
  4. cube shaped cells are called
  5. in the fallopian tube an egg cell is moved toward the uterus by
  1. a synapse
  2. b ciliated epithelium
  3. c cuboidal cells
  4. d goblet cell
  5. e squamous cells

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  1. exocrine glands
  2. microvilli
  3. cover
  4. mucus
  5. cardiac

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  1. these are sheets of tissue that cover or line surfaces or that separate organs from one anothermucous


  2. the matrix of bone is made up of _____ and _______, and is strong, hard, and not flexiblemeninges


  3. the _______ pericardium is on the surface of the heart musclevisceral


  4. the tissue that transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body isblood


  5. this fluid prevent friction between them as lungs expand and recoil during breathingserous


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