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  1. this tissue has a relative poor blood supply and makes repair a slow process
  2. tall and narrow cells are called
  3. the type of connective tissue with a liquid matrix called plasma is
  4. the _______ pericardium is on the surface of the heart muscle
  5. bone cells are called
  1. a osteocytes
  2. b columnar cells
  3. c fibrous connective tissue
  4. d blood
  5. e visceral

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  1. parietal
  2. 38-48%
  3. peritoneum
  4. goblet cell
  5. calcium salts, and collagen

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  1. areolar, adipose, fibrous, and elastic tissue, blood, bone, cartilage are examples of whatconnective tissue


  2. heat producing tissue in which the cells rapidly break down glucose or fat in cell respirationthermogenic


  3. these glands have to be divided into 2 major groupsmulticellular glands


  4. this cell is a type of stratified epithelium in which the surface cells change shape round to squamoustransitional epithelium


  5. this tissue consists of nerve cells called neurons and some specialized cells found only in this tissuefibrous connective tissue


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