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  1. nasopharynx
  2. oropharynx
  3. vocal cords
  4. mediastinum
  5. trachea
  1. a second part of pharynx that is visible when looking in mouth, from uvula to epiglottis
  2. b space between lungs and thorax
  3. c section of pharynx that extends from nares to uvula, passageway for air only
  4. d cartilage and connective tissue made up tube for air, windpipe, airway connecting pharynx to bronci
  5. e 2 triangle shaped membranous folds of connective tissue, air passes over vibrates, vibration causes sound

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  1. smaller thinner branches (tubes) that air flows through in lungs leads to alveoli
  2. cartilage flap that covers entrance to larynx
  3. two small tubes that branch off lower end of trachea and carry O2 into lungs,
  4. muscles between ribs that lift spreading ribs adding volume and help with breathing
  5. (internal respiration) cell breathing

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  1. lungsnormal relaxed breathing, normal respirations


  2. pharynxboxlike structure made of cartilage, held by ligaments, passageway for air moving from pharynx to trachea, contains vocal cords


  3. ventilationbreathing air out


  4. inspirationbreathing air in


  5. alveolar ductsendings of bronchioles, where gas exchanges occur


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