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  1. pharynx
  2. internal respiration
  3. mediastinum
  4. surfactant
  5. oropharynx
  1. a space between lungs and thorax
  2. b chemical lining walls of alveoli
  3. c second part of pharynx that is visible when looking in mouth, from uvula to epiglottis
  4. d tube shaped passage for food to the esophagus and air to larynx, throat
  5. e exchange of )2 and CO2 withing the cells

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  1. four cavities on each side of nasal area
  2. smaller thinner branches (tubes) that air flows through in lungs leads to alveoli
  3. lines chest cavity
  4. exchange of gases between internal/external cells, act of breathing
  5. cartilage and connective tissue made up tube for air, windpipe, airway connecting pharynx to bronci

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  1. diaphragmdifficulty breathing, labored respirations


  2. nasopharynxsection of pharynx that extends from nares to uvula, passageway for air only


  3. cillatiny hair like projections


  4. ventilationbreathing air out


  5. eupneadifficulty breathing, labored respirations


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