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  1. chemo-heterotrophs-
  2. chemoheterotrophs is
  3. glycolysis have
  4. what are the potentally atp for aerobi respiration
  5. what happens in indirect method 4
  1. a only 2 ATP glucose
  2. b sources of e-* are organic compounds
  3. c conversion of e- energy into membrane potential energy or poton motive force (pmf)
  4. d a source of energy are organic compounds
  5. e 98

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  1. electron transport system -unidirectional movemnt of ee-* thru a series of Fe-containing acceptos molecules (cytochromes) that are arranged with increasing affinities for electrons
  2. reduction reaction acquisition of e-*and hydrogen atoms by a suitable acceptor moleule. facilitated by coenzymes ( nicotamide adenime dinucleotide called also NAD / flavin adenine dinucleotide called also FAD
  3. Oxidative phosphorylation (also called ox-phos)
  4. -sources of energy (e-*) are inorganic - on Hydrogen gas
  5. conversion of pmf into a store , useful form --> ATP

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  1. some bacteria arephototrophs


  2. what happens in indirect method 1external source(s) f energy (source of energized electrons - e-*)


  3. most bacterias arechemoautrophs


  4. what happens in direct methoddirect coupling of an exergoinic reaction to the indergonic reaction of ATP


  5. what happens in indirect method 3movement of e-8 within cell membrane. this is done by electron transport system (ETS)


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