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  1. dismantle V.
  2. hospitable ADJ.
  3. botch V.
  4. grueling ADJ.
  5. clutter V.
  1. a to fill or cover in a disorderly way;
  2. b very tiring, calling for an extreme effort
  3. c to repair or patch poorly; make mess of
  4. d offering friendly or generous treatment to guests; open to anything new or strange
  5. e to take apart; to strip of something

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  1. falling apart or ruined; run-down
  2. a play filled with ridiculous or absurd happenings
  3. not successful, failing to have any result
  4. in an unhealthy mental state, extremely gloomy
  5. the power to forbid or prevent

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  1. timidity N.the state of being easily frightened


  2. bellow N. or V.the power to forbid or prevent


  3. lavish ADJ.overly generous, extravagant; abundant


  4. pamper allow too many privileges, be too generous and easy going


  5. shirk V.the home or den of a wild animal


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