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  1. umeboshi (梅干)
  2. umisenyamasen (海千山千)
  3. umi no kurushimi (生みの苦しみ)
  4. un o ten ni makaseru (運を天に任せる)
  5. umarenagara no mōjin (生まれながらの盲人)
  1. a labour pains
  2. b a person born blind
  3. c an old stager/fox
  4. d a pickled plum
  5. e to trust to chance/luck/God, to leave a thing to chance

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  1. to be born; to come into existence
  2. the rumbling of the sea
  3. fresh [eggs]
  4. born, natural [-> 生まれながらの]
  5. a sea turtle

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  1. umarekokyō (生まれ故郷)one's nature/character/disposition


  2. un ga warui (運が悪い)to be lucky, to be fortunate, to have good luck


  3. umeru (埋める)[土に] to bury; to fill up/in; to stop up, to plug up; [損失を] to make up, to cover; [湯を] to put some cold water [in the bath]


  4. umineko (海猫)a sea snake


  5. un o tamesu (運をためす)to agree [with a person to a proposal], to give one's consent to


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