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  1. umareru (生まれる)
  2. un o tamesu (運をためす)
  3. uminari (海鳴り)
  4. umasōna (うまそうな)
  5. umarekawari (生まれ変り)
  1. a appetizing, tempting
  2. b the rumbling of the sea
  3. c a rebirth; regeneration; a reincarnation
  4. d to try/take one's chance
  5. e to be born; to come into existence

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  1. feathers, down
  2. a reclaimed land
  3. to be born poor
  4. a person born blind
  5. to be reborn, to be born again; to make a fresh start in life, to be quite another man

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  1. umarekokyō (生まれ故郷)one's home town/state/prefecture/country, one's home/birthplace


  2. umaretate no (生まれたての)newborn


  3. umu o iwasezu (有無を言わせず)to try/take one's chance


  4. umeru (埋める)to be buried; to be filled up with


  5. un (運)fate, destiny, one's lot; (good) luck, fortune; chance


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