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  1. un to iu (うんと言う)
  2. umatobi o suru (馬跳びをする)
  3. umi no oya (生みの親)
  4. un (うん)
  5. uminari (海鳴り)
  1. a the rumbling of the sea
  2. b yes, all right, very well; OK, sure
  3. c to play leapfrog
  4. d one's real parent(s); the founder, the originator, the inventor
  5. e to agree [with a person to a proposal], to give one's consent to

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  1. to be/lie buried [under]; to remain/live in obscurity
  2. whether one likes it or not, by force
  3. born, natural [-> 生まれつきの]
  4. an old stager/fox
  5. birth, origin; lineage

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  1. umitate no (生みたての)fresh [eggs]


  2. hi no umi (火の海)a sea of flames


  3. umaya (厩/馬屋)to be buried; to be filled up with


  4. un (運)fate, destiny, one's lot; (good) luck, fortune; chance


  5. umidasu (生み出す)to be buried; to be filled up with


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