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  1. umasōna (うまそうな)
  2. umaretsuki (生まれつき)
  3. umibe (海辺)
  4. umisenyamasen (海千山千)
  5. un ga yoi (運が良い)
  1. a appetizing, tempting
  2. b an old stager/fox
  3. c to be lucky, to be fortunate, to have good luck
  4. d the beach, the seashore, the seaside
  5. e one's nature/character/disposition

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  1. to agree [with a person to a proposal], to give one's consent to
  2. to be born dead
  3. to supply each other's needs
  4. a groan, a moan
  5. newborn

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  1. umeru (埋める)to be buried; to be filled up with


  2. umaretsuku (生まれつく)[盲目に] to be born [a poet/blind]


  3. umu (倦む)to form pus, to fester, to come to a head


  4. hi no umi (火の海)the last month of pregnancy, the month of parturition, the month in which childbirth is due/expected


  5. umi no oya (生みの親)one's real parent(s); the founder, the originator, the inventor


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