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  1. umidasu (生み出す)
  2. tamago o umitsukeru (卵を生み付ける)
  3. kodomo ga umareru (子供が生まれる)
  4. umaretsuku (生まれつく)
  5. umeku (呻く)
  1. a [盲目に] to be born [a poet/blind]
  2. b to give a groan, to groan, to moan
  3. c a baby was born
  4. d to lay/deposit an egg, [昆虫が] to blow, [魚が] to spawn
  5. e to bring forth, to give birth to, to produce

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  1. women's lib, women's liberation
  2. yes, all right, very well; OK, sure
  3. newborn
  4. a pickled plum
  5. marine products

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  1. un'yoku (運良く)unfortunately, unluckily


  2. umizuki (産み月)the last month of pregnancy, the month of parturition, the month in which childbirth is due/expected


  3. hi no umi (火の海)a sea of flames


  4. uminari ga suru (海鳴りがする)to plug [wood]


  5. kanemochi ni umareru (金持に生まれる)to be born rich


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