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  1. umekusa (埋め草)
  2. un ga yoi (運が良い)
  3. un o tamesu (運をためす)
  4. umibōzu (海坊主)
  5. umu (有無)
  1. a to try/take one's chance
  2. b [let me know] whether [you have..., there is...]
  3. c to be lucky, to be fortunate, to have good luck
  4. d a sea monster
  5. e [新聞/雑誌の] a padding, a filler

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  1. the last month of pregnancy, the month of parturition, the month in which childbirth is due/expected
  2. to form pus, to fester, to come to a head
  3. to be born poor
  4. birth, origin; lineage
  5. to lay/deposit an egg, [昆虫が] to blow, [魚が] to spawn

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  1. umare no yoi (生まれのよい)born, natural [-> 生まれながらの]


  2. kodomo ga umareru (子供が生まれる)a baby was born


  3. umarenagara no mōjin (生まれながらの盲人)a person born blind


  4. umeki o suru (埋木をする)to be/lie buried [under]; to remain/live in obscurity


  5. ūmanribu (ウーマン・リブ)women's lib, women's liberation


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