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  1. ūmanribu (ウーマン・リブ)
  2. umeku (呻く)
  3. umarekawaru (生まれ変わる)
  4. umitsubame (海燕)
  5. umigame (海亀)
  1. a a (stormy) petrel
  2. b women's lib, women's liberation
  3. c to give a groan, to groan, to moan
  4. d a sea turtle
  5. e to be reborn, to be born again; to make a fresh start in life, to be quite another man

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  1. a pickled plum
  2. untiringly, strenuously, perseveringly
  3. the last month of pregnancy, the month of parturition, the month in which childbirth is due/expected
  4. a sea snake
  5. by nature, naturally

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  1. umu (倦む)[子を] to bear [a child], to give birth to, to have [a baby]; [卵を] to lay eggs, [昆虫が] to blow, [魚が] to spawn; to produce, to give rise to [a rumour], to bear [interests]


  2. umarekokyō (生まれ故郷)a rebirth; regeneration; a reincarnation


  3. umi ni noridasu (海に乗り出す)a seafaring life


  4. umaru (埋まる)to be buried; to be filled up with


  5. umaretsuki (生まれつき)[盲目に] to be born [a poet/blind]


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