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  1. umatobi o suru (馬跳びをする)
  2. umizuki (産み月)
  3. umaya (厩/馬屋)
  4. umi no sachi (海の幸)
  5. umi no kurushimi (生みの苦しみ)
  1. a marine products
  2. b the last month of pregnancy, the month of parturition, the month in which childbirth is due/expected
  3. c a stable, a barn
  4. d to play leapfrog
  5. e labour pains

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  1. to make up [for a loss/lost time], make amends for
  2. to give a groan, to groan, to moan
  3. to go out to sea
  4. a (stormy) petrel
  5. to be born poor

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  1. umibe (海辺)the beach, the seashore, the seaside


  2. kodomo ga umareru (子供が生まれる)to be born poor


  3. umare (生まれ)to be born; to come into existence


  4. un to iu (うんと言う)to agree [with a person to a proposal], to give one's consent to


  5. umaretsuki (生まれつき)one's nature/character/disposition


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