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  1. Teratogens
  2. Cooperative Play
  3. Menopause
  4. Autonomy
  5. Parallel Play
  1. a Two or more children engaged in play that requires interaction
  2. b Two children playing side by side at similar activities but playing little or no attention to each other; the earliest kind of social interaction between toddlers
  3. c Toxic Agents that cross the placenta and result in birth defects
  4. d The time in a woman's life when menstruation ceases
  5. e Sense of independence; a desire to be controlled by others

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  1. A period of intense self-examination and decision making; part of the process of identity formation
  2. The realization that gender does not change with age
  3. Enables the baby to swallow milk and other liquids without choking
  4. Can now think logically and about hypothetical statements, can judge consequences, increases with age.
  5. A neurological disorder, most commonly found in late adulthood, characterized by progressive losses in memory and cognitive and changes in personality.

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  1. Rooting ReflexThe baby's tendency to turn its head when something touches its cheek


  2. Mid-life CrisisA time when adults discover they no longer feel fulfilled in their jobs or personal lives and attempt to make a decisive shift in their career or lifestyle.


  3. ImprintingAn organ that nourishes the embryo and the fetus


  4. Critical PeriodThe baby's tendency to turn its head when something touches its cheek


  5. Piaget's Sensory Motor StageBirth to 2 years; main activities involve sucking and grasping; must achieve object permanence and mental representations


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