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  1. Imprinting
  2. Developmental Norms
  3. Mid-life Crisis
  4. Alzheimer's Disease
  5. Gender Constancy
  1. a A time when adults discover they no longer feel fulfilled in their jobs or personal lives and attempt to make a decisive shift in their career or lifestyle.
  2. b A neurological disorder, most commonly found in late adulthood, characterized by progressive losses in memory and cognitive and changes in personality.
  3. c The tendency in certain species to follow the first moving thing (usually its mother) it sees after it is born or hatched
  4. d The average ages at which skills are achieved such as movement, grasping, crawling and walking
  5. e The realization that gender does not change with age

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  1. Knowledge of what behavior is appropriate for each gender
  2. Elkind's term for adolescent's delusion that they are unique, very important, and invulnerable.
  3. The tendency to cling viperously to an adults finger or any to any object placed in their hands
  4. The onset of sexual maturation, with accompanying physical development
  5. Sense of independence; a desire to be controlled by others

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  1. Solitary PlayA child engaged in a recreational activity alone; the earliest form of play


  2. Cooperative PlayTwo or more children engaged in play that requires interaction


  3. Swallowing ReflexEnables the baby to swallow milk and other liquids without choking


  4. Piaget's Formal-operational Stagerepresenting things with words and images; use intuitive rather than logical reasoning


  5. NeonatesNew born babies


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