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  1. Placenta
  2. Mid-Life Transition
  3. Puberty
  4. Gender Constancy
  5. Rooting Reflex
  1. a The onset of sexual maturation, with accompanying physical development
  2. b An organ that nourishes the embryo and the fetus
  3. c According to levinson, a process whereby adults assess the past and formulate new goals for the future
  4. d The baby's tendency to turn its head when something touches its cheek
  5. e The realization that gender does not change with age

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  1. The tendency in certain species to follow the first moving thing (usually its mother) it sees after it is born or hatched
  2. A time when certain internal and external influences have a major effect on development; at other periods, the same influences will have little or no effect
  3. 1)Denial
    5) Acceptance
  4. The first menstrual period
  5. The stage of development from conception to birth

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  1. Imaginary AudienceElkind's term for adolescent's delusion that they are constantly being observed by others.


  2. Piaget's Preoperational StageCan now think logically and about hypothetical statements, can judge consequences, increases with age.


  3. Stepping ReflexThe baby's tendency to suck on anything that enters its mouth


  4. Sucking ReflexThe baby's tendency to suck on anything that enters its mouth


  5. Identity FormationErickson's term for the development of a stable sense of self necessary to make the transition from dependence on others to dependence on oneself


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