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  1. Piaget's Formal-operational Stage
  2. Placenta
  3. Identity Formation
  4. Fetus
  5. Identity Crisis
  1. a Erickson's term for the development of a stable sense of self necessary to make the transition from dependence on others to dependence on oneself
  2. b name given to a human embryo after 3 months
  3. c Can now think logically and about hypothetical statements, can judge consequences, increases with age.
  4. d A period of intense self-examination and decision making; part of the process of identity formation
  5. e An organ that nourishes the embryo and the fetus

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  1. An awareness that objects continue toe exist even when out of sight
  2. The average ages at which skills are achieved such as movement, grasping, crawling and walking
  3. representing things with words and images; use intuitive rather than logical reasoning
  4. The tendency in certain species to follow the first moving thing (usually its mother) it sees after it is born or hatched
  5. A neurological disorder, most commonly found in late adulthood, characterized by progressive losses in memory and cognitive and changes in personality.

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  1. Mid-Life TransitionAccording to levinson, a process whereby adults assess the past and formulate new goals for the future


  2. Grasping ReflexThe tendency to cling viperously to an adults finger or any to any object placed in their hands


  3. Piaget's Sensory Motor Stagerepresenting things with words and images; use intuitive rather than logical reasoning


  4. MenarcheThe time in a woman's life when menstruation ceases


  5. Gender IdentityA little girl's knowledge hat she is a girl, and a little boy's knowledge that he is a bay


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