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  1. Gender-Role Awareness
  2. Piaget's Concrete-Operational Stage
  3. Identity Crisis
  4. Gender Identity
  5. Teratogens
  1. a A little girl's knowledge hat she is a girl, and a little boy's knowledge that he is a bay
  2. b A period of intense self-examination and decision making; part of the process of identity formation
  3. c Toxic Agents that cross the placenta and result in birth defects
  4. d Children become more flexible in their thinking
  5. e Knowledge of what behavior is appropriate for each gender

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  1. Erickson's term for the development of a stable sense of self necessary to make the transition from dependence on others to dependence on oneself
  2. representing things with words and images; use intuitive rather than logical reasoning
  3. Enables the baby to swallow milk and other liquids without choking
  4. The onset of sexual maturation, with accompanying physical development
  5. According to levinson, a process whereby adults assess the past and formulate new goals for the future

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  1. Sucking ReflexThe baby's tendency to suck on anything that enters its mouth


  2. Object PermanenceAn organ that nourishes the embryo and the fetus


  3. 5 Stages of Dying1)Denial
    5) Acceptance


  4. Piaget's Formal-operational StageCan now think logically and about hypothetical statements, can judge consequences, increases with age.


  5. MenopauseThe time in a woman's life when menstruation ceases


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