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  1. Mantra
  2. Dukkha
  3. Samadhi
  4. Bodhi (bo) Tree
  5. Paijusana
  1. a Goal for Raja Yoga, deep states of mystical awareness
  2. b syllable (example: om), doesn't mean anything but when it gets repeated a lot it relaxes you, repetition of a syllable helps you focus
  3. c tree of knowledge that Siddartha sat under for 49 days or hours to reflect on his experiences after his search, eventually enlightenment came and is coming together
  4. d 1st noble truth, suffering is real, universal and surprising. Suffer when we don't get what we want and we also suffer when we do get what we want because when we get what we want we only want more
  5. e Jain festival commencing eight days before the new year; a period of fasting and meditation.

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  1. stage 4 of 4 ashramas
  2. rama and krishna
  3. root meaning of Karma is action, active in society, help people but also come to notice the difference between the active me and essential me
  4. turning your back on physical possessions and pleasures
  5. Buddha's son

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  1. The 10 Preceptsteaching for Buddhist monks, rules. Make up own decisions. 5th rule shows the difference between Buddhism and Jainism. It is to live a sober life


  2. Ahimsanot hurting by having a soul, non-injury to any being understood to have a soul, sometimes leads to vegetarianism, reluctance to see red meat, applies throughout Hinduism and is seen in Jainism and Buddhism too


  3. Demythologization"He who has reached or become what is really so, the True." The term the texts depict the Buddha using to speak of himself after Awakening.


  4. LakshmiDeliverance from the chain of rebirth, getting rid of all karma is how this is achieved. Live many lives as a lay person and in some point in the future you'll decide to live as a j-monk


  5. Mendicantone who doesn't own property, person who is poor by choice, intentional poverty, living for other purposes, monk


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