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  1. Dharma
  2. Critical Method
  3. Glorification Process
  4. Apostolic Succession
  5. Brahma
  1. a a "he", least popular of the three trimurti; God of creation, lives for 100 years but each day to him is 4.3 billion years
  2. b hinduism, do my "duty", people dont have the same duty
  3. c not negative, evaluative, some parts of sacred text are more important than others
  4. d 2nd step in starting religion, people look back on founder and remember important and good things, when people see it they gain courage
  5. e Roman Catholic Church and Christianity; the idea that we need to get in touch with the present day representatives that knew Jesus face-to-face. People of present day are indirectly informed of the present day representatives that knew Jesus

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  1. repetition of a sacred syllable, form of discipline and training, enables me to get my mind off the problems and the world and focus on God
  2. group of monks, orange roves, no jobs, meditation and study and replicate the life of Buddha. Find refuge and strength in the community and other Buddhist monks
  3. religion teacher, person believed to have wisdom and wants to share it; literally means "heavy" --> weight of your profound knowledge
  4. Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity
  5. preserving the original teachings of Buddhism, Gods dont have a big role, do it as Siddartha Guatama did it, idea that the goal in life was to become a saint, main goal is wisdom, limited idea of what scripture is, pali texts are the ONLY scriptures

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  1. Karma Margaroot meaning of Karma is action, active in society, help people but also come to notice the difference between the active me and essential me


  2. Hermeneuticsstatement of fundamental beliefs and commitment, drawn up by humans, means in latin to believe


  3. Monismin Hinduism, a principle Vedic god; god of fire, sun, and lightning, and mediator between mankind and the gods


  4. Mahaviragreat love or hero, another name for Vardhamana


  5. Sannyasinstage 4 of 4 ashramas


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