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  1. Lakshmi
  2. Tathagata
  3. Law of Manu
  4. Mara
  5. Japa
  1. a "He who has reached or become what is really so, the True." The term the texts depict the Buddha using to speak of himself after Awakening.
  2. b defined how Hindus live individually
  3. c tells Siddartha lies, evil spirit
  4. d repetition of a sacred syllable, form of discipline and training, enables me to get my mind off the problems and the world and focus on God
  5. e Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity

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  1. jain heaven, called a place at the top of the universe where the karma free soul goes to live in stillness and isolation forever, seen to be liberation
  2. Goal for Raja Yoga, deep states of mystical awareness
  3. religion teacher, person believed to have wisdom and wants to share it; literally means "heavy" --> weight of your profound knowledge
  4. not negative, evaluative, some parts of sacred text are more important than others
  5. part of scripture and sacred texts, story of sacred of divine significance, story meant to illustrate or make a point, the point being made is the bottom line, religious truth indirectly expressed, point of the story is to affirm that God did create the world

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  1. Orthodoxyapproved and required standard of belief, the right beliefs you have to have in order to be part of this religion; superior religion


  2. Sagegroup of monks, orange roves, no jobs, meditation and study and replicate the life of Buddha. Find refuge and strength in the community and other Buddhist monks


  3. Ahimsasomeone who goes into a trance and can predict about the future


  4. Demythologizationthe restatement of a message (as a religious one) in rational terms; removal of all super natural in texts


  5. ArhatBuddhist temple in Southeast Asia


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