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  1. Golden Mean
  2. Venerable One
  3. Brahman
  4. Ahimsa
  5. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
  1. a the middle way between self indulgence and asking too much of yourself on the other hand, finding the balance, steers clear of extremes --> thoughtful path
  2. b not hurting by having a soul, non-injury to any being understood to have a soul, sometimes leads to vegetarianism, reluctance to see red meat, applies throughout Hinduism and is seen in Jainism and Buddhism too
  3. c another title for Vardhamana, means worthy one (our hero)
  4. d Not just the source of reality, but it is reality. Everything else may look real, but they dont understand what is really real. Only one reality. A spirit and not material, nothing to do with matter, material universe is unral, eternal. Always been and always will be. Abstract force in the universe
  5. e a woman who founded pharmaceutical company called Biocon

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  1. a girl who was prime minister of India, re-elected four times, Father was Mayru
  2. hinduism, do my "duty", people dont have the same duty
  3. nickname for shiva, "great God"
  4. in Hinduism, a principle Vedic god; god of fire, sun, and lightning, and mediator between mankind and the gods
  5. Jain scriptures

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  1. Mendicantone who doesn't own property, person who is poor by choice, intentional poverty, living for other purposes, monk


  2. Dukkha1st noble truth, suffering is real, universal and surprising. Suffer when we don't get what we want and we also suffer when we do get what we want because when we get what we want we only want more


  3. Parable of the ArrowA cylinder with prayers written on it used by Tibetan Buddhists. They believe it gets rid of bad karma and creates good karma.


  4. Shvetambaraliberal monks, old, wear white robes, largest j-monastic group, men and women are equal in terms of salvation and largest percentage are women


  5. AryansBuddhist heaven, being in control of your life and being prepared for another form of existence, heaven begins here if you can control your life, person who has become mature for ultimate salvation


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