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  1. Monism
  2. Krishna
  3. Sannyasin
  4. Brahma
  5. Mara
  1. a tells Siddartha lies, evil spirit
  2. b all reality is at one time, spiritual reality (here). Western world there are lots of people that see material universe is reality, material things don't exist but they seem to.
  3. c a "he", least popular of the three trimurti; God of creation, lives for 100 years but each day to him is 4.3 billion years
  4. d God in disguise. Very resourceful lover, had sex with 16,000 women
  5. e stage 4 of 4 ashramas

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  1. looking at sacred texts and determining what they mean, most every religion will do this
  2. person of perfected wisdom, sometime seen as a Buddha, a type of Buddha saint, repeats the life of Siddartha, experience enlightenment but after that taught, use insight not just for himself but to help other people
  3. words on the page represent the message but are not the message, words on the page point to something else, if you just focus on what it says youll miss the message
  4. 1) Body
    2) Sensory preceptors (5 senses)
    3) Emotions
    4) Reason or consciousness
    5) Subconsciousness
  5. model is Bodhisattva, the emphasized helping, main value is compassion, variety of scriptures

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  1. Mythpart of scripture and sacred texts, story of sacred of divine significance, story meant to illustrate or make a point, the point being made is the bottom line, religious truth indirectly expressed, point of the story is to affirm that God did create the world


  2. Sthanakavasinew group that broke off from shvetambara, suggestion of interplay within religions, had origins in the 1400s shouldnt depict divine figures; wrong to place too much emphasis on a person by drawing pictures of them


  3. The 10 Preceptsteaching for Buddhist monks, rules. Make up own decisions. 5th rule shows the difference between Buddhism and Jainism. It is to live a sober life


  4. Nichiren Buddhismturning your back on physical possessions and pleasures


  5. Shvetambarasomeone who goes into a trance and can predict about the future


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