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  1. Karma Marga
  2. Nichiren Buddhism
  3. 5 Skandhas
  4. Mahayana
  5. Asceticism
  1. a root meaning of Karma is action, active in society, help people but also come to notice the difference between the active me and essential me
  2. b turning your back on physical possessions and pleasures
  3. c model is Bodhisattva, the emphasized helping, main value is compassion, variety of scriptures
  4. d This branch of Buddhism is seen as militantly nationalist and as a Salvationist type Buddhism. Its major dedication is to the Lotus Sutra, one of the most popular and influential sutras in Asia. The Lotus Sutra is seen as the conversation that is given by the Buddha toward the end of his life
  5. e 1) Body
    2) Sensory preceptors (5 senses)
    3) Emotions
    4) Reason or consciousness
    5) Subconsciousness

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  1. Jain festival commencing eight days before the new year; a period of fasting and meditation.
  2. thesis--> anti thesis--> synthesis
  3. group of monks, orange roves, no jobs, meditation and study and replicate the life of Buddha. Find refuge and strength in the community and other Buddhist monks
  4. the restatement of a message (as a religious one) in rational terms; removal of all super natural in texts
  5. A 20th-century Indian who helped lead his country to independence by using nonviolent resistance to colonial rule.

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  1. Jinarepetition of a sacred syllable, form of discipline and training, enables me to get my mind off the problems and the world and focus on God


  2. AryansJain scriptures


  3. Sthanakavasistage 4 of 4 ashramas


  4. Venerable Onewords on the page are the message, words on the page are/were God's words received by a human being who received Gods words, words have sacred significance, if we stick to the literal text we will not go astray, we must except what it says


  5. Dharmaa "he", least popular of the three trimurti; God of creation, lives for 100 years but each day to him is 4.3 billion years


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