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  1. Mahadeva
  2. Hermeneutics
  3. Sage
  4. Cosmogony
  5. Hegels Dialect
  1. a someone that can think and use their head
  2. b looking at sacred texts and determining what they mean, most every religion will do this
  3. c theories about how the world began, doctrines about the beginning of time, how the cosmos came into being; Hinduism believes in this and feels that there are many and are open to many different ideas
  4. d nickname for shiva, "great God"
  5. e thesis--> anti thesis--> synthesis

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  1. Mystics, for those who want to be able to go into training to be able to move yourself into a trans-like state; non-theistic mysticism most of the time; move yourself into deep states of concentration
  2. A cylinder with prayers written on it used by Tibetan Buddhists. They believe it gets rid of bad karma and creates good karma.
  3. a girl who was prime minister of India, re-elected four times, Father was Mayru
  4. conquerer, winner, winner over karma, conquerer of himself
  5. understood to be the holiest of Hindu scriptures, God's word. Not used very much, respected from afar. Holy books of ancient times but still very important

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  1. Anatmansomeone who goes into a trance and can predict about the future


  2. Orthodoxypart of scripture and sacred texts, story of sacred of divine significance, story meant to illustrate or make a point, the point being made is the bottom line, religious truth indirectly expressed, point of the story is to affirm that God did create the world


  3. Kiran Mazumdar Shawa woman who founded pharmaceutical company called Biocon


  4. WatBuddhist temple in Southeast Asia


  5. Mayaphysical universe looks real but its not, it is an illusion


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