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  1. Kali
  2. Ashaman
  3. Japa
  4. Mantra
  5. 5 Skandhas
  1. a repetition of a sacred syllable, form of discipline and training, enables me to get my mind off the problems and the world and focus on God
  2. b syllable (example: om), doesn't mean anything but when it gets repeated a lot it relaxes you, repetition of a syllable helps you focus
  3. c the Hindu goddess who destroys evil; wife of Shiva
  4. d someone who goes into a trance and can predict about the future
  5. e 1) Body
    2) Sensory preceptors (5 senses)
    3) Emotions
    4) Reason or consciousness
    5) Subconsciousness

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  1. a "he", least popular of the three trimurti; God of creation, lives for 100 years but each day to him is 4.3 billion years
  2. going against Orthodoxy. Understood not to be thinking what they need to be thinking or believing. Been executed in the past, some feel they are "dissing" God. Wrong belief (according to some religious groups)
  3. Mystics, for those who want to be able to go into training to be able to move yourself into a trans-like state; non-theistic mysticism most of the time; move yourself into deep states of concentration
  4. physical universe looks real but its not, it is an illusion
  5. God in disguise. Very resourceful lover, had sex with 16,000 women

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  1. Hinayanaconquerer, winner, winner over karma, conquerer of himself


  2. Mahaviramodel is Bodhisattva, the emphasized helping, main value is compassion, variety of scriptures


  3. ParvartiGoal for Raja Yoga, deep states of mystical awareness


  4. Prayer wheelBuddha's son


  5. Tanhagroup of monks, orange roves, no jobs, meditation and study and replicate the life of Buddha. Find refuge and strength in the community and other Buddhist monks


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