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  1. Kali
  2. Sangha
  3. Myth
  4. Mara
  5. Tanha
  1. a group of monks, orange roves, no jobs, meditation and study and replicate the life of Buddha. Find refuge and strength in the community and other Buddhist monks
  2. b 2nd noble truth, excessive desire or craving is usually the cause of suffering, the cause of suffering is wanting, desires can never be personally met
  3. c part of scripture and sacred texts, story of sacred of divine significance, story meant to illustrate or make a point, the point being made is the bottom line, religious truth indirectly expressed, point of the story is to affirm that God did create the world
  4. d the Hindu goddess who destroys evil; wife of Shiva
  5. e tells Siddartha lies, evil spirit

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  1. turning your back on physical possessions and pleasures
  2. someone that can think and use their head
  3. Buddha's son
  4. Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu
  5. jain heaven, called a place at the top of the universe where the karma free soul goes to live in stillness and isolation forever, seen to be liberation

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  1. Mahadevanickname for shiva, "great God"


  2. Ahimsapeople of Jainism, 5 million in the world today, growing in the US


  3. Shvetambaraliberal monks, old, wear white robes, largest j-monastic group, men and women are equal in terms of salvation and largest percentage are women


  4. Creedsomeone that can think and use their head


  5. ParvartiSavi's another pair, sometimes reincarnated as a cow, gentle, stable, works to maintain peace on earth


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