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  1. Dialogue Journal
  2. effective strategies for oral skills
  3. factors that affect L2 reading development
  4. formal elements of written English
  5. Dialect diversity in English
  1. a ELLs learn more than 1 standard English, many dialects
  2. b frequent testing and surveys, speaking and vocabulary games for practice, flashcards, commands, visuals
  3. c narrative, poetic, expository, persuasive
  4. d journal kept by two people, usually student and adult
  5. e literacy and literate background in L1, learning disability, academic experience, cultural background knowledge

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  1. tests oral skills for grade 3-12; can be used for placement and language development for IEPs
  2. KWL charts, vocab development, student experiences,illustrations, webbing
  3. system by which sounds and words are organized
  4. interviews, oral reports, summaries, descriptions, presentations, dialogue journals
  5. explicitly teach vocabulary, grouped reading, multiple assessments, culturally relavant instruction, age-appropriate instruction, teach phonemic awarness and phonics

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  1. Vygotsky Language Acquisition Theoryzone of proximal development: teach students one step from their mastery zone; students need interaction to learn a language; language does not exist in a vacuum (sociohistorial context)


  2. sheltered strategies and reading intervention approaches1) students should have access to early literacy programs in L1 2) early assessments in L1 for learning disabilities and literacy level 3) provide grade-level content in English by giving simple directions 4) comprehensible input 5) make connections and use clear baackground 6) teach reading strategies and focus on vocabulary 7) word webs and KWL charts


  3. advantages of reading assesmentfrequent leveling to scaffold students to higher levels


  4. relationship and transfer of 1st language reading skillsassess student in both language and see if the problem is just in on language, look for educational history and family history, pysch exam in L1


  5. Piaget Language Acquisition Theorychildren think before they speak; speaking just reflects this thinking; language is a way for children to represent their world


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