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  1. BICS
  2. effective strategies for oral skills
  3. comprehensible input
  4. Language Assessment Battery
  5. Dialogue Journal
  1. a journal kept by two people, usually student and adult
  2. b frequent testing and surveys, speaking and vocabulary games for practice, flashcards, commands, visuals
  3. c way of speaking and explaining that the students can understand (modeling, visuals, hands-on activities, demonstrations, gestures,body language
  4. d tests speaking, reading listening and writing, used to place ESL students
  5. e Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills: surface skills students pick up in 1-2 years of being around native L2 speakers

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  1. needs interaction (nativisit vs. nurture)
  2. ability to understand appropriate behaviors and language for various situations
  3. words with connotative meanings (dual meanings)
  4. frequent leveling to scaffold students to higher levels
  5. interviews, oral reports, summaries, descriptions, presentations, dialogue journals

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  1. coherence (discourse feature)how topic is organized as a whole


  2. Bernstein Sociolinguistic Theorycreated the term of ebonics, African American English has its own rules and should be respected


  3. Lambert SEI TheoryTransitional Bilingual: initially instruction is 90% L1 then shifts towards English


  4. Pinker Language Acquisition Theorywe are predisposed to learn language; language is a human instinct


  5. CALP(Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency) ability to function in academic L2; takes 5-7 years


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