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  1. Stages of Language Acquisition in L1
  2. Lambert SEI Theory
  3. Stages of Language Acquisition in L2
  4. Cohesion (discourse feature)
  5. strategies for teaching reading for literate ELLs
  1. a how sentences connect structurally (ellipsis, conjunctions, etc.)
  2. b silence, nonverbal, understands more than can produce; early speech production to speech emergence to intermediate fluency
  3. c Transitional Bilingual: initially instruction is 90% L1 then shifts towards English
  4. d connections between reading strategies, teach alphabetic and phonemic differences, use read alouds, partner reading and modeling, and explicit instruction of vocabulary
  5. e needs interaction (nativisit vs. nurture)

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  1. assess student in both language and see if the problem is just in on language, look for educational history and family history, pysch exam in L1
  2. teacher feedback, formative assessments (analytical-micro analysis and holistic analysis)
  3. journal kept by two people, usually student and adult
  4. basic reading and writing skills
  5. tests CALP in Spanish and English; provide information on student's cognitive and academic language proficiency; individually administered; in both English and Spanish; test for ESL to determine bilingual eligibility; can also be used to identify LDs

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  1. comprehensible inputsmallest unit of meaning in language (e.g: act, cat, pre)


  2. relationship and transfer of 1st language reading skillsrely on students'phonemic awareness in 1st language and make explicit the differences, effect on pronunciation and decoding strategies, mostly positive and helpful


  3. strategies for teaching reading for non-literate ELLsteach sight words, language orally, introduce written words, provide clues to remind, teach direction of reading,


  4. integration of content and language objectivesreading, writing and speaking are integrated; content and lanugage instruction are integrated; collaborative and supportive environment


  5. language transfersystem by which sounds and words are organized


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