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  1. communicative competence
  2. sheltered strategies and reading intervention approaches
  3. lexicon
  4. effective strategies for oral skills
  5. Ramirez SEI Theory
  1. a total stock of morphemes in a language
  2. b ability to understand appropriate behaviors and language for various situations
  3. c frequent testing and surveys, speaking and vocabulary games for practice, flashcards, commands, visuals
  4. d 1) students should have access to early literacy programs in L1 2) early assessments in L1 for learning disabilities and literacy level 3) provide grade-level content in English by giving simple directions 4) comprehensible input 5) make connections and use clear baackground 6) teach reading strategies and focus on vocabulary 7) word webs and KWL charts
  5. e Late Exit Bilingual: students continue to have 40% of instruction in L1 even after classified fluent in English

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  1. smallest unit of sound in language (sss in snake)
  2. writing about personal experiences, writing for a purpose, KWL< word wall, text reconstruction, sequencing sentences, cloze reading and writing, jumbled sentences
  3. tests speaking, reading listening and writing, used to place ESL students
  4. needs interaction (nativisit vs. nurture)
  5. how sentences connect structurally (ellipsis, conjunctions, etc.)

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  1. strategies for teaching reading for non-literate ELLsconnections between reading strategies, teach alphabetic and phonemic differences, use read alouds, partner reading and modeling, and explicit instruction of vocabulary


  2. coherence (discourse feature)how topic is organized as a whole


  3. natural approachtotal stock of morphemes in a language


  4. Hymes Sociolinguistic Theorylanguage is part of class and people use certain codes when speaking


  5. Basic Inventory of Natural Language (BINL)assess student in both language and see if the problem is just in on language, look for educational history and family history, pysch exam in L1


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