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  1. Dialogue Journal
  2. promotion of content area learning
  3. student discussion of subject matter content
  4. Dialect diversity in English
  5. CALP
  1. a (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency) ability to function in academic L2; takes 5-7 years
  2. b using visuals, explicitly teaching cognitive strategies, permitting students to use dictionaries
  3. c journal kept by two people, usually student and adult
  4. d ELLs learn more than 1 standard English, many dialects
  5. e group discussion, hands-on, engaging, partners, independently, students can apply content and language objectives, 4 corners, send a problem, jigsaw

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  1. ability to understand appropriate behaviors and language for various situations
  2. frequent testing and surveys, speaking and vocabulary games for practice, flashcards, commands, visuals
  3. the emerging language system person creates based on L1 and L2 knowledge to communicate in L2
  4. literacy and literate background in L1, learning disability, academic experience, cultural background knowledge
  5. interviews, oral reports, summaries, descriptions, presentations, dialogue journals

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  1. integration of content and language objectivespractice strategies for marking up the text, review objective several times in class


  2. formal methods to assess oral languageMELA-O, Woodcock Munoz Language, IDEA


  3. Stages of Language Acquisition in L2silence, nonverbal, understands more than can produce; early speech production to speech emergence to intermediate fluency


  4. coherence (discourse feature)how sentences connect structurally (ellipsis, conjunctions, etc.)


  5. language transfertotal stock of morphemes in a language


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