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  1. What is the negative pole of a polar molecule
  2. What is the attraction between molecules of the same substance
  3. What is the attraction between molecules of different substances
  4. What organelle directs production of proteins
  5. What do you you when focusing a microscope
  1. a Oxygen
  2. b Cohesion
  3. c Ribosomes
  4. d Adhesion
  5. e Coarse adjustment knob

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  1. Rough ER
  2. Chloroplasts
  3. Large Intestine
  4. Smooth ER
  5. Metabolism

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  1. What uses muscles to push down food into the stomachEsophagus


  2. A small membrane bound sac that transports substances in cellsIt is a polar molecule


  3. What is the positive pole of a polar moleculeHydrogen


  4. What organelle is a large membrane bound storage space for waterRectum


  5. Where are proteins are processed and package into new vesiclesGolgi apparatus


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