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  1. What uses muscles to push down food into the stomach
  2. A small membrane bound sac that transports substances in cells
  3. What connects the mouth to the rest of the digestive tract
  4. What organ produces bile, and filters blood, transforming some nutrients into usable forms
  5. What organelle stores DNA and instructions for making proteins
  1. a Pharynx
  2. b Esophagus
  3. c Nucleus
  4. d Vesicle
  5. e Liver

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  1. Mouth
  2. ER
  3. Mitochondria
  4. Fine adjustment knob
  5. Golgi apparatus

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  1. What is the negative pole of a polar moleculeOxygen


  2. What is the source of energy in an ecosystemSolute


  3. What is the attraction between molecules of different substancesAdhesion


  4. What is the positive pole of a polar moleculeOxygen


  5. What sends digestive juices to the intestinesRectum


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