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  1. What refers to the ability to maintain a stable internal environment
  2. What is the attraction between molecules of different substances
  3. A molecule where the charges are unevenly distributed
  4. What organ stores bile
  5. What organ removes water from undigested material
  1. a Homeostasis
  2. b Polar molecule
  3. c Large Intestine
  4. d Gall bladder
  5. e Adhesion

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  1. Pharynx
  2. ER
  3. Hydrogen
  4. Climax community
  5. Pancreas

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  1. Why can water dissolve many substancesRectum


  2. What is the portion of the internal membranes that lack ribosomesSmooth ER


  3. What do you you when focusing a microscopeCoarse adjustment knob


  4. What uses muscles to push down food into the stomachRectum


  5. What is the source of energy in an ecosystemSolute


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