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  1. What do you you when focusing a microscope
  2. What is the site where lipid components of the cell membrane are assembled
  3. Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
  4. Why can water dissolve many substances
  5. What is the attraction between molecules of different substances
  1. a It is a polar molecule
  2. b ER
  3. c Adhesion
  4. d Coarse adjustment knob
  5. e Perfected the microscope

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  1. Pharynx
  2. Hydrogen
  3. Cohesion
  4. Gall bladder
  5. Isotopes

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  1. What refers to the chemical activities that occur in an organismHomeostasis


  2. What sends digestive juices to the intestinesPancreas


  3. A small membrane bound sac that transports substances in cellsVesicle


  4. What organelle directs production of proteinsRibosomes


  5. What is a group or organs that work togetherOrgan system


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