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  1. What organ produces bile, and filters blood, transforming some nutrients into usable forms
  2. What is the negative pole of a polar molecule
  3. A molecule where the charges are unevenly distributed
  4. What is the attraction between molecules of the same substance
  5. What are positively and negatively charged atoms
  1. a Cohesion
  2. b Liver
  3. c Polar molecule
  4. d Oxygen
  5. e Ions

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  1. A tissue
  2. Rough ER
  3. Coarse adjustment knob
  4. Metabolism
  5. Mouth

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  1. Where are proteins are processed and package into new vesiclesGolgi apparatus


  2. What is the site where lipid components of the cell membrane are assembledER


  3. What moistens food so it's easier to break downSalivary Gland


  4. What is the substance it is dissolved inSolute


  5. Anton Van LeeuwenhoekAnus


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