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  1. What organelle produces ATP energy, convert chemical energy from food into compounds that are more usable
  2. What is the attraction between molecules of different substances
  3. A small membrane bound sac that transports substances in cells
  4. What is the portion of the internal membranes that have ribosomes
  5. What is the portion of the internal membranes that lack ribosomes
  1. a Vesicle
  2. b Smooth ER
  3. c Adhesion
  4. d Mitochondria
  5. e Rough ER

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  1. Nuclear membrane/envelope
  2. Salivary Gland
  3. Pharynx
  4. Anus
  5. Ribosomes

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  1. What is a group of similar cells that work togetherOrgan system


  2. What organ has no functionGall bladder


  3. What organelle carries out photosynthesisChloroplasts


  4. What is the source of energy in an ecosystemSolute


  5. Atoms with a different number of neutrons of the same elementCohesion


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