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  1. Atoms with a different number of neutrons of the same element
  2. What is the substance that is dissolved
  3. What do you you when focusing a microscope
  4. What uses mechanical and chemical digestion to tear up and break down food
  5. What organelle directs production of proteins
  1. a Solute
  2. b Ribosomes
  3. c Mouth
  4. d Coarse adjustment knob
  5. e Isotopes

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  1. Nucleus
  2. The sun
  3. Chloroplasts
  4. Anus
  5. Oxygen

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  1. What organ absorbs nutrients into the bloodstreamSmall intestine


  2. What acts as a storage site for fecesGall bladder


  3. What uses muscles to push down food into the stomachRectum


  4. What organelle is a large membrane bound storage space for waterVacuole


  5. What is the portion of the internal membranes that lack ribosomesRough ER


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