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  1. residual
  2. slake
  3. browbeat
  4. fuse
  5. skirt
  1. a form the edge of
  2. b to bully; to intimidate
  3. c electrical device that can interrupt the flow of electrical current when it is overloaded, mix together different elements
  4. d to satisfy, relieve, or bring to an end
  5. e relating to or indicating a remainder

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  1. lazy
  2. changeable
  3. to neglect, put off, or avoid a duty or responsibility
  4. offense, resentment
  5. a shortage

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  1. braceoffense, resentment


  2. comelyhaving a pleasing appearance


  3. heedlesslazy


  4. drossto poke, stir up, and feed


  5. stoketo satisfy, relieve, or bring to an end


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