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  1. Begging the question
  2. apposition
  3. analogy
  4. persona
  5. anaphora
  1. a the placing next to a noun another noun or phrase that explains it.

    example: "John, my brother, is coming home."
  2. b presenting as truth what is supposed to be proven in the arguement
  3. c the speaker, voice, or character assumed by the author of a piece of writing
  4. d repitition of the same word(s) at the begining of a phrases or clauses

    example: "WE SHALL FIGHT on the beaches, WE SHALL FIGHT on the landing grounds, WE SHALL FIGHT in the fields."
  5. e a comparison of two different things that are similar in some way

    example: "The pond was as smooth as a mirror."

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  1. grimly or scornfully mocking, bitterly sarcastic
  2. disrespectful
  3. a writer uses comparisons of 2 things that are not related
  4. using a part of something to represent the whole thing

    example: "look at those wheels!" (refering to the car)
  5. information gathered from an unreliable source

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  1. irreverent tonedisrespectful


  2. polysyndentonthe repetition of consonant sounds


  3. circular reasoningintroducing an irrelevent point to divert attention for the main issue


  4. epistropheRepetition of the same word or group of words at the ends of successive clauses

    example: "I'll have my BOND! Speak not against my BOND! I have sworn an oath that I will have my BOND!"


  5. anastropheword order rearanged or reversed.

    example: "Unseen in the jungle, but present"


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