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  1. sardonic tone
  2. narrative pacing
  3. induction
  4. impartial tone
  5. assonance
  1. a repitition of sounds inside of words.

    example: "No pain, no gain."
  2. b start out all specific examples then conclude with a logical ending
  3. c favoring no ones side, fair, non-biased.
  4. d the way a story moves: quickly, slowly, or between the two, as well as shifts in the pace
  5. e grimly or scornfully mocking, bitterly sarcastic

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  1. the placing next to a noun another noun or phrase that explains it.

    example: "John, my brother, is coming home."
  2. word order rearanged or reversed.

    example: "Unseen in the jungle, but present"
  3. something that stands for something else
  4. assuming one event causes another just because it happened first.
  5. reasoning from the general to the specific

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  1. contemptuous toneready to argue


  2. apostropheTurning away from the audience to address someone new-- God, the angels, the dead (anyone not present)


  3. oxymoronconjoining contradictory terms (as in 'deafening silence')


  4. polysyndentonthe use of many conjunctions to slow the pace


  5. contentious toneready to argue


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