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  1. Ad Populum
  2. synecdoche
  3. vibrant tone
  4. apposition
  5. contemptuous tone
  1. a hateful
  2. b Evading the issues by appealing to emotional reactions.
  3. c lively, energetic
  4. d using a part of something to represent the whole thing

    example: "look at those wheels!" (refering to the car)
  5. e the placing next to a noun another noun or phrase that explains it.

    example: "John, my brother, is coming home."

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  1. the speaker, voice, or character assumed by the author of a piece of writing
  2. grimly or scornfully mocking, bitterly sarcastic
  3. start out all specific examples then conclude with a logical ending
  4. introducing an irrelevent point to divert attention for the main issue
  5. a three part deductive argument in which a conclusion is based on a major premise and a minor premise

    "All men are mortal; Socrates is a man; Therefore, Socrates is mortal."

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  1. hyperbolethe speaker, voice, or character assumed by the author of a piece of writing


  2. circular reasoningnot treating the subject with respect


  3. parallelisminsertion of words or phrases.

    example: "He said it was going to rain (I could hardly disagree) before the game was over"
    example: "He said it was going to rain--I could hardly disagree--before the game was over"


  4. antecedentthe word, phrase, or clause to which a pronoun refers.

    example: "The CAR he wanted to buy was a green ONE"


  5. irreverent tonelively, energetic


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