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  1. Ambiguity
  2. concerned tone
  3. bathos
  4. Begging the question
  5. synecdoche
  1. a feeling or showing worry or solicitude
  2. b presenting as truth what is supposed to be proven in the arguement
  3. c uncertainty of interpretation
  4. d using a part of something to represent the whole thing

    example: "look at those wheels!" (refering to the car)
  5. e false or forced emotion that is often humurous.

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  1. Turning away from the audience to address someone new-- God, the angels, the dead (anyone not present)
  2. introducing an irrelevent point to divert attention for the main issue
  3. placing two elements side by side to present a comparison or contrast
  4. something that stands for something else
  5. a writer uses comparisons of 2 things that are not related

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  1. consonancerepitition of sounds inside of words.

    example: "No pain, no gain."


  2. onomatopoeiathe elevation of a person (as to the status of a god)


  3. periodic sentencea sentence withholding its main idea until the end

    example: "Just as he bent down to tie his shoelace, a car hit him."


  4. irreverent tonenot treating the subject with respect


  5. polysyndentonthe use of many conjunctions to slow the pace


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