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  1. Looking Glass Self
  2. Dark Shadow
  3. Avoidant Attachment
  4. Dismissing Parent
  5. Social Roles
  1. a The things we are ashamed of because society has deemed them wrong.
  2. b The child does not expect other people to be there for him or her because the parent is consistently not there for them.
  3. c Cooley's theory that we see ourselves based on how other people see us
  4. d Wants the child's negative emotions to go away. They treat the child as unimportant.
  5. e They are generalized guidelines for how we should act as a certain person. We learn proper behaviors from our culture and our parents.

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  1. A model that helps us decide which roles are most salient.
  2. Organizations who want loyal members ask them to invest a lot, like the military.
  3. The verbal and nonverbal behaviors we use during a performance
  4. Cues that tell us what sort of message a content message is.
  5. Both partners work together to construct roles that are mutually satisfactory.

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  1. Disapproving ParentThe mean parent who punishes and humiliates the child for having negative emotions.


  2. Acquiescent responsesParent briefly acknowledges the child and changes the subject.


  3. Role DistanceWhen two or more roles are incompatible. Basically, two competing roles.


  4. Relational DefinitionsWhen two people develop common orientations and behaviors they guide members' perceptions of the world.


  5. PunctuationChild starts to become more conscious of making the role authentic.


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