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  1. Hedging
  2. Spiral
  3. Role Rigidity
  4. Secure
  5. Working Consensus
  1. a When the actions of each party intensify the actions of the other.
  2. b Agreement on definition of the situation.
  3. c When we can't separate ourselves from a role.
  4. d The adult who desires intimacy but is ok without it. They have a positive view of themselves and of others.
  5. e Beating around the bush to avoid face loss

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  1. A pattern consisting of acts that are similar.
  2. Using jokes to alleviate face loss.
  3. The part of your self that you are aware of
  4. Trying to keep face loss form happening
  5. Everyone in a situation has their own definition of what's going on.

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  1. MotivationThe child organizes information - building models of which behaviors lead to good and bad things. They symbolically rehearse the role.


  2. Personal FrontThe things we take with us when we go to different settings.


  3. Laissez Faire ParentWants the child's negative emotions to go away. They treat the child as unimportant.


  4. PositionWhen there is a reward we are more motivated to take on a role.


  5. AggressionA social label that tells people who we are, what our duties and rights are, and where we stand in comparison to others.


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