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  1. The Self
  2. Position
  3. Relational Messages
  4. Fearful-Avoidant
  5. Avoidant Attachment
  1. a The adult who wants intimacy but is afraid of it - they pursue it and run away.
  2. b It is a product of interpersonal communication and experiences with others.
  3. c A social label that tells people who we are, what our duties and rights are, and where we stand in comparison to others.
  4. d Cues that tell us what sort of message a content message is.
  5. e The child does not expect other people to be there for him or her because the parent is consistently not there for them.

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  2. They are generalized guidelines for how we should act as a certain person. We learn proper behaviors from our culture and our parents.
  3. The adult who doesn't want anything to do with relationships. They only trust themselves.
  4. What a performer does unintentionally to give the audience a glimpse of what's going on inside their head.
  5. Let me tell you the whole thing before you decide if it's wrong.

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  1. Invulnerable ResponsesWhen what the parents say doesn't match up with their non-verbals.


  2. Working ConsensusAgreement on definition of the situation.


  3. Definition of the SituationBoth partners work together to construct roles that are mutually satisfactory.


  4. Relational DefinitionsWhen speakers present themselves in contradictory ways.


  5. Symmetrical PatternA pattern consisting of acts that are similar.


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