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Comm 330 Exam 2 Test

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  1. Attention
  2. Setting
  3. Double Bind
  4. The Self
  5. Dramaturgical Perspective
  1. a It is a product of interpersonal communication and experiences with others.
  2. b A child notices a behavior and the consequences
  3. c A situation where there is no correct response.
  4. d The environment in which your performance takes place.
  5. e Acting as if you were in a drama or a play. Basically, putting on a front. A strategic performance intended to make you look a certain way to certain people.

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  1. Parent briefly acknowledges the child and changes the subject.
  2. When what the parents say doesn't match up with their non-verbals.
  3. Not having your needs met by a parent in a reliable and consistent way.
  4. Cooley's theory that we see ourselves based on how other people see us
  5. A pattern consisting of acts that are similar.

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  1. Impervious ResponseWhen your parent does not acknowledge your prosperous activity.


  2. Competitive SymmetryWhen a patter consists on entirely one-ups.


  3. MindlessnessA state of reduced attention. The individual is trapped in categories devised in the past.


  4. Definition of the SituationCues that tell us what sort of message a content message is.


  5. Person Centered MessagesConsist of what is actually said about a topic.


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