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Comm 330 Exam 2 Test

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  1. Definition of the Situation
  2. Incongruous Response
  3. Bem's Self Perception Theory
  4. Disconfirming Messages
  5. Emotional Coaching Parent
  1. a Messages from parents that threaten the child's sense of face.
  2. b The see the children's negative emotions as a chance to teach them. They allow the child to express emotions but with boundaries.
  3. c It asserts that people develop their attitudes by observing their behavior and concluding what attitudes must have caused them.
  4. d Everyone in a situation has their own definition of what's going on.
  5. e When what the parents say doesn't match up with their non-verbals.

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  1. The "anything goes" parent who is totally indulgent. They let the child show emotions without boundaries.
  2. Beating around the bush to avoid face loss
  3. The environment in which your performance takes place.
  4. When two or more roles are incompatible. Basically, two competing roles.
  5. Parent briefly acknowledges the child and changes the subject.

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  1. Face WorkIt is a product of interpersonal communication and experiences with others.


  2. Fearful-AvoidantThe adult who wants intimacy but is afraid of it - they pursue it and run away.


  3. LinesThe verbal and nonverbal behaviors we use during a performance


  4. Disorganized AttachmentChildren are physically and sexually abused and their mental schema is disorganized.


  5. MirroringThe environment in which your performance takes place.


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