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  1. Mirroring
  2. Retention
  3. Authoritarian
  4. Tangential Response
  5. Face Work
  1. a Parent briefly acknowledges the child and changes the subject.
  2. b Disciplinary style where the parents act like dictators.
  3. c Effort spent in presenting face to others.
  4. d The behavior in which one person copies another person usually while in social interaction with them.
  5. e The child organizes information - building models of which behaviors lead to good and bad things. They symbolically rehearse the role.

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  1. The things we take with us when we go to different settings.
  2. It asserts that people develop their attitudes by observing their behavior and concluding what attitudes must have caused them.
  3. Focuses on the specific ways that people manage and save face using communication.
  4. A model that helps us decide which roles are most salient.
  5. The person who is neurotic and anxious and always needs to have a girlfriend. They get nervous at any sign of a break-up.

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  1. Unwanted Repetitive PatternsTrying to keep face loss form happening


  2. Corrective TacticsTrying to correct face loss after it has happened.


  3. PositionAfter confirmation of face loss apologies are how people get face back socially


  4. Separation and IndividuationEveryone in a situation has their own definition of what's going on.


  5. Appeal for Suspended JudgmentThe period where teenagers distance themselves from their parents to develop an individual identity apart from the family structure.


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