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  1. Dismissing Parent
  2. Working Consensus
  3. Social Roles
  4. Preventive Tactics
  5. Secure Base Phenomenon
  1. a Wants the child's negative emotions to go away. They treat the child as unimportant.
  2. b Trying to keep face loss form happening
  3. c They are generalized guidelines for how we should act as a certain person. We learn proper behaviors from our culture and our parents.
  4. d As infants we are biologically wired to find someone to keep us safe because we can't take care of ourselves.
  5. e Agreement on definition of the situation.

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  1. The things we take with us when we go to different settings.
  2. The part of your self that you are aware of
  3. Parent briefly acknowledges the child and changes the subject.
  4. Let me tell you the whole thing before you decide if it's wrong.
  5. We give excuses/stories that make us look less foolish

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  1. Expression GivenWhat I want you to see about me - the performance


  2. InvestmentThe smallest unit to carry relational meaning, it is two acts in sequence.


  3. Submissive SymmetryWhen a pattern consists of entirely one-downs.


  4. Incongruous ResponseWhen what the parents say doesn't match up with their non-verbals.


  5. Corrective TacticsTrying to correct face loss after it has happened.


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