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  1. Dark Shadow
  2. Insecure Attachment
  3. Separation and Individuation
  4. Retention
  5. Corrective Tactics
  1. a The child organizes information - building models of which behaviors lead to good and bad things. They symbolically rehearse the role.
  2. b The things we are ashamed of because society has deemed them wrong.
  3. c The period where teenagers distance themselves from their parents to develop an individual identity apart from the family structure.
  4. d Trying to correct face loss after it has happened.
  5. e Not having your needs met by a parent in a reliable and consistent way.

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  1. Messages that help maintain a child's face and help when face is lost.
  2. When speakers present themselves in contradictory ways.
  3. Disciplinary style where the parents are over-indulging and very confirming. They say ok to everything and the child never learns boundaries.
  4. Both partners work together to construct roles that are mutually satisfactory.
  5. A type of corrective tactic where you see someone lose face and you try and avoid them

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  1. PositionWhen there is a reward we are more motivated to take on a role.




  3. CredentialingA type of disclaimer from a person with credentials because they are trying to help you.
    Ex: I'm a doctor, so...


  4. Positive FaceBeing liked and admired.


  5. Active Verbal ResponsesFocus on confronting one's partner about hurtful remarks.


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