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  1. Secure Base Phenomenon
  2. Spiral
  3. Communication Theory of Identity
  4. Retention
  5. Expression Given
  1. a Identity construction can be viewed through four frames.
    1. Personal
    2. Enactment of Communication
    3. Relationship
    4. Communal
  2. b When the actions of each party intensify the actions of the other.
  3. c The child organizes information - building models of which behaviors lead to good and bad things. They symbolically rehearse the role.
  4. d As infants we are biologically wired to find someone to keep us safe because we can't take care of ourselves.
  5. e What I want you to see about me - the performance

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  1. They are generalized guidelines for how we should act as a certain person. We learn proper behaviors from our culture and our parents.
  2. Rewards like money, clothes, jewelery, etc.
  3. When speakers present themselves in contradictory ways.
  4. Things we have denied about ourselves that are actually good
  5. Disciplinary style where the parents act like dictators.

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  1. AuthoritativeA disciplinary style that combines authoritarian and permissive to set rules and boundaries in a confirming way.


  2. Mental Models of RelationshipsBoth partners work together to construct roles that are mutually satisfactory.


  3. EgoThe part of your self that you are aware of


  4. Negative FaceWanting to be seen as in control of your life but you actually don't have total freedom.


  5. Positive FaceBeing liked and admired.


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