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  1. Secure Base Phenomenon
  2. Social Comparison Theory
  3. Mindlessness
  4. Dark Shadow
  5. Secure Attachment
  1. a A state of reduced attention. The individual is trapped in categories devised in the past.
  2. b The things we are ashamed of because society has deemed them wrong.
  3. c The child develops a secure base with a care-giver who is consistent and reliable in meeting the child's needs.
  4. d As infants we are biologically wired to find someone to keep us safe because we can't take care of ourselves.
  5. e Festinger's theory that we compare ourselves to similar others.

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  1. The child does not expect other people to be there for him or her because the parent is consistently not there for them.
  2. Effort spent in presenting face to others.
  3. When there is a reward we are more motivated to take on a role.
  5. When a pattern consists of entirely one-downs.

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  1. SupportWhen other people support our role performances, they become more salient.


  2. Acquiescent responsesInvolving giving in and acknowledging a partner's ability to inflict hurt.


  3. Disconfirming MessagesMessages that help maintain a child's face and help when face is lost.


  4. Expression Given OffRewards like money, clothes, jewelery, etc.


  5. Fearful-AvoidantThe adult who wants intimacy but is afraid of it - they pursue it and run away.


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