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  1. Has 771 pins that touch pads on the processor
  2. ____ systems and peripherals have the U.S. Green Star, indicating that they satisfy certain energy-conserving standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  3. Throughput is sometimes called ____.
  4. A double-sided, dual-layer DVD can hold ____ GB.
  5. ____ on a circuit board inside the drive housing is responsible for writing and reading data to these tracks and sectors and for keeping track of where everything is stored on the drive.
  1. a bandwidth
  2. b LGA771 or Socket J
  3. c Firmware
  4. d 17
  5. e Energy Star

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  1. Del
  2. SuperSpeed USB 3.0
  3. True
  4. hub
  5. form factor

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  1. Track and sector markings are written to a hard drive before it leaves the factory in a process called
    ____________________ formatting.


  2. Each side, or surface, of one hard drive platter is called a ____.head


  3. A(n) ____________________ is a command to the processor to wait for slower devices to catch up.wait state


  4. Sound ports embedded on a motherboardParallel


  5. Chips sometimes loosen because of temperature changes; this condition is called ____.chip creep


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