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  1. Key(s) to press during the boot process to access the AMI BIOS
  2. ____ is a common compression standard for storing photos.
  3. Older and less expensive cases use ____________________ to secure the drive to the sides of the bay.
  4. Generally when shopping for a motherboard for a gaming system, you'd need to pay attention to form factor, processor sockets, chipsets, buses and number of bus slots, and other connectors, slots, and ports.
  5. An optical drive can be set so that when you insert a disc, software on the disc automatically executes, a
    feature called ____________________.
  1. a JPEG
  2. b Del
  3. c True
  4. d AutoPlay
  5. e screws

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  1. Ctrl+Alt+Enter
  2. True
  3. IEEE 1394a
  4. Pits
  5. primary master, primary slave, secondary master, and secondary slave

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  1. ____ buses have been improved several times; there are currently three major categories and within each category, several variations of the bus.PIO


  2. Has a maximum speed of 1.5 MbpsParallel


  3. A motherboard ____________________ determines the size of the board and its features that make it
    compatible with power supplies, cases, processors, and expansion cards.
    Power SW


  4. Has a maximum speed of 3.0 GbpseSATA-300 (eSATA Version 2)


  5. A drive ____ is a duplication of everything written to a hard drive.JPEG


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