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  1. Has a maximum speed of 3.0 Gbps
  2. Problems with a device can sometimes be solved by updating the ____ or firmware.
  3. ____ mode involves the CPU and is slower than DMA mode.
  4. Has a maximum speed of 115.2 Kbps (kilobits per second)
  5. FireWire and i.Link are common names for another peripheral bus officially named ____.
  1. a eSATA-300 (eSATA Version 2)
  2. b Serial
  3. c PIO
  4. d device drivers
  5. e IEEE 1394

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  1. Solid state drive
  2. ANSI
  3. Ctrl+Alt+Enter
  4. isochronous
  5. AutoPlay

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  1. To protect the data on a USB storage device while removing it, double-click the ____ icon in the notification area before removing the device.primary master, primary slave, secondary master, and secondary slave


  2. Access to a computer can be controlled using a ____ password.startup


  3. Designed to provide greater security and to support more storage capacity than the older file systemNTFS


  4. Used for all hard drives.DVI


  5. Before you begin the installation, make sure the ____________________ provided with the device are written for the OS you are using.drivers


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