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  1. The slower end of the hub in the Intel i800 chipsets, called the ____, contains the I/O controller hub.
  2. With any installation, remember the importance of using a ground strap (ground bracelet) to ground yourself when working inside a computer case to protect components against ____.
  3. ____ supports speeds up to 400 Mbps and is sometimes called FireWire 400.
  4. The total number of ____ on the drive determines the drive capacity.
  5. ____ is a common compression standard for storing photos.
  1. a IEEE 1394a
  2. b ESD
  3. c sectors
  4. d South Bridge
  5. e JPEG

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  1. IEEE 1394
  2. Safely Remove Hardware
  3. False
  4. False
  5. IEEE 1394.3

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  1. The burn process requires a constant flow of data to the disc.700 MB


  2. Has no moving partsLGA775 or Socket T


  3. Uses a dense micro PGA (mPGA)Stereo


  4. ____ systems and peripherals have the U.S. Green Star, indicating that they satisfy certain energy-conserving standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).Interlaced


  5. The ____ and the chipset determine which processors a board can support.processor socket


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