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  1. Access to a computer can be controlled using a ____ password.
  2. Has a maximum speed of 400 Mbps
  3. The ____ and the chipset determine which processors a board can support.
  4. For laptops, you can adjust the brightness of the display using ____ keys.
  5. A hard disk drive (HDD), most often called a hard drive, comes in two sizes for personal computers: the 1.8" size is used for laptop computers and the 2.5" size is used for desktops.
  1. a startup
  2. b processor socket
  3. c False
  4. d function
  5. e 1394a (FireWire)

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  1. hot-swapping
  2. Actuator
  3. software
  4. high-level
  5. logical

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  1. Hardware problems usually show up at POST, unless there is physical damage to an area of the hard drive that is not accessed during POST.True


  2. The CMOS battery on the motherboard is considered a(n) ____________________ replaceable unit.hub


  3. The ____ menu in BIOS setup allows you to configure automatic power-saving features for your system, such as suspend mode or a sleep state.motherboard


  4. If you are replacing a floppy drive, you must inform BIOS setup by accessing setup and changing the drive type.True


  5. ____ transfers data directly from the drive to memory without involving the CPU.DMA


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