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Literature vocab section in back of text


n. - state of upset, worry
The boy showed his agitation with the umpire by screaming in his face. "Are you blind?"


v. - to satisfy, calm down
Terrific! The boss appeased the employees with a raise.


adj. - anxious, worried
The storm clouds and loud thunder made the town apprehensive.


adj. - based on one's own preferences
My dad makes arbitrary decisions that suit him and that I do not like.


adj. - enthusiastic
The NFL fans are ardent for their team.


n. - name unknown, identity hidden
Why did the author keep his anonymity?
The police said, "He was afraid of threats."


n. - a straight line
The tires on the car are not in alignment. It veers to the right.


adj. - unfriendly, thinking better than others
The new girl in school was not aloof, just shy and a bit afraid.


v. - to destroy
The Transformers annihilated their adversaries!


v. - to expect, to look forward to
Are you anticipating your birthday next week, Mary?

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