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  1. zygodactyls
  2. xyster
  3. valvular
  4. taphonomy
  5. unmortise
  1. a the study of what happens to the remains of an animal from the time of death to the time of discovery
  2. b ..., (of bird feet) having the first and fourth toes directed backward the second and third forward
  3. c ..., surgeon's instrument for scraping bones
  4. d relating to or operating by means of valves
  5. e To loosen a joint; separate

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  1. a simple restaurant
  2. supplying or being a final or conclusive settlement
  3. ..., having the paleness of wax
  4. An imaginary, hypothetical sound involving two vowel sounds and a glide
  5. the possessions, such as clothing & linens, that a bride assembles for her marriage.

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  1. wastrel..., surgeon's instrument for scraping bones


  2. tendentiouslyMarked by a strong implicit point of view; partisan


  3. uniparous..., relating to or resembling or derived from or containing glass


  4. underlingTo loosen a joint; separate


  5. transfigurechange completely the nature or appearance of


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